You received a monitor 4kOr very high resolution (also known as monitors HiDPI or high density) as a gift or just bought it, go for it! The text and images are much clearer! Unfortunately, there are some applications that are not properly scaled so they seem very small, practically unusable.

Fortunately the developers are putting the batteries and support for these types of monitors is growing every day. However for applications where this is not the case there are solutions in some cases. This issue is to offer the solution Spotify. Even if Spotify for years has suporte HiDPI in WindowsStill is not the case Linux, So is it that we deal today.

To solve this problem Spotify please follow these steps:

one-) Open the file manager on the left sidebar and click on "Computer" then locate the "System Disk" and double click on it.

Open Disk System

two-) Once inside the press directory CRL + H to see hidden files.

3-) Look for the folder named "usr"And open the following path: / Usr / share / applications Make sure you do as an administrator using the file manager Deepin by clicking on the right side of the mouse on the "Applications" folder and select "Open in new window as administrator."

Open the folder usr as administrator

4-) Locates the file spotify.desktop and open it with a text editor.

Opens spotify.desktop with a text editor

5-) Then locate the line that begins with "Exec»And change of the original: Exec = spotify% U To the next:

Exec=spotify --force-device-scale-factor=2 %U

After making the above steps at this point the file then looks as follows:

Save changes

6-) Saves the changes to the file spotify.desktopwhich are editing and the editor salt.

That's it, the next time you cast Spotify It will open in full suporte HiDPI and will be perfectly usable. ¿Simple right? If you still have questions dejanonos let us know your comments, we will be attentive to run to your rescue!

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Alex Andrade
Alex Andrade (@alex-andrade-30)
4 months ago

Excellent thanks, this works with any application?

Alex Andrade
Alex Andrade (@alex-andrade-30)
Answering to Eli
4 months ago

Well, worth it?

Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez (@rigohernandez96)
4 months ago

I worked perfectly, thanksЭли

Badino Android
Badino Android (@badinoandroid)
4 months ago

In my case I had to put ...
Exec = spotify -force-device-scale-factor =1.2 %OR
thanks Eli

Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio (@juan877osorio)
Answering to Badino Android
4 months ago

Works very well, in my case I had to use 1.1, it seems that changes depending on the screen resolution.

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