August 30, 2020
The patch was updated to version 1.1 compatible with Deepin 20 1001.

September 7, 2020
The patch was updated to version 1.2 compatible with Deepin 20 1001. Changes: translation of extract and compress options of the file manager, translation of Document Viewer and correction in translation of File Compressor.

Hello people, today I bring a Spanish language patch for Deepin 20, compatible with version 1001 of the August 25, 2020 update. Deepin programmers have taken a long time to update the translations, many errors that have been corrected by the team of translators, are not yet reflected in the system.

These translation errors are quite out of tune with the good aspect of Deepin 20, giving a lackluster feeling and that the system is more "green" than it actually is.

Therefore, on behalf of the Deepin translation team in Spanish, we offer a Spanish language patch, to have a better user experience, more in line with the state of the system. That patch doesn't fix all bugs 100%, but it does fix the most important ones.


Most of the corrections are small details, but as a whole they have their weight and the most detailed ones will have undoubtedly noticed them.

Nombre de las aplicaciones
Name of applications
Administrador de ventanas
Window manager
Opciones de aplicación
Application options


The installer will be included in the Deepines 4 Repository for Deepin 20, which will be published very soon together with the Deepin application store in Spanish. We are fine-tuning details. We may update this procedure in due course.

While we publish the new repository, use the following procedure. Run the following commands.


sudo apt install ./deepin-language-patch-es_1.2_amd64.deb


Uninstalling it is as simple as with any other package and will restore the translations to their original version. Just run the following command.

sudo apt remove deepin-language-patch-es

Well, the translation of the names of the applications in the application menu, that is permanent.

We hope you like this patch, we will improve it little by little and we will publish new versions. It is a bit complicated to develop it because it requires detective work and doing many tests, but with a lot of work and patience we will improve the quality.

A special thanks to the team of translators at Deepin in Spanish, who have worked very hard in recent months to improve the quality of translations. Thanks to your work, today we can have this Spanish language patch for Deepin 20.

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Tabare (@tabare)
1 mes atrás

Thanks, a hoot.

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
1 mes atrás

Thank you very much, now yes, my deepin speaks correctly jijiji

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez (@alberto2003)
1 mes atrás

Perfect contribution, thanks for the hard work.

Juan Ospina
Juan Ospina (@juan-ospina)
1 mes atrás

Good thing they got this patch, excellent work.

Эли (@eli)
1 mes atrás

Good job, the patch works very well, installed on my two machines with Deepin and no problem. If you notice the improvement in the translations.

Juan Pablo Bustos
Juan Pablo Bustos (@juanpablobustos1)
1 mes atrás

Hello .. run the commands and in the second of them the following appears

juanpito @ juanpito-PC: ~ $ sudo apt install ./deepin-language-patch-es_1.0_amd64.deb Reading package list… Done
Creating dependency tree
Reading state information ... Done
Note, selecting "deepin-language-patch-es" instead of "./deepin-language-patch-es_1.0_amd64.deb"
Do not can instal some pack. This may mean that
He requested an impossible situation or if you are using the distribution
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or
They have taken from "Incoming".
The following information may help resolve the situation:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
deepin-language-patch-es: It depends: dde (= 2020.08.07) but 2020.08.13 will be installed
E: The problems could not be corrected, you have retained broken packages.
juanpito @ juanpito-PC: ~ $

Can you guide me please?

Mauricio (@mauricio)
1 mes atrás

Thanks, good job..¡¡

Jaider Annicchiarico Torres
30 días atrás

With the new update it doesn't work.

Dragos (@dragos)
24 días atrás

Thanks, good job, keep up the good work, guys, you're doing very well

A M (@am)
15 days ago

Does it work for Deepin 20 1002?

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