If you happened to you that you use Audio Wifi or another program in order to transmit the audio from your PC through a WIFI connection to your phone, the audio is very low or you simply hear white noise. To solve this problem we will do the steps that we will show you below.

We install the application PulseAudiofrom the store.


Or, from the terminal with the following command:

 sudo apt install pavucontrol 


Once this is done. We open the programPulseAudio volume control.


The following window will open:


Now we go to the tab Recording.


IMPORTANT: It is necessary to have the wifi audio application open or the one we are using for that purpose, otherwise we will not be able to do the next step.

We click on the button Internal Audio Stereo Analogand changed by Monitor of Internal Audio Stereo Analog.


After performing this last step, in case we have the application connected to our phone while audio is playing from our computer, we will notice that the audio is heard correctly. This solution can be applied to any program that performs the aforementioned function.

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carloscruzate (@carloscruzate)
2 años atrás

I used linux for many years but I always came back to windows due to lack of programs or because of how complicated it was sometimes to install your programs, but today when using deepin I can say that I finally left windows completely, deepin is the best linux that I have tried and find everything I need in the store, I am in love with this beautiful operating system, regards

Car (@car)
2 años atrás

Excellent Aaron thanks for sharing.

RealAct (@realact)
2 años atrás

Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

jesus david arroyo machado
jesus david arroyo machado (@jesusdavidarroyomachado)
2 años atrás

Excellent post! It helped me to temporarily solve a problem with the bluetooth, it does not connect me correctly to my bluetooth headphones; So for now I send the audio to my cell phone and from there I listen to music on my headphones, also on other bluetooth devices, but the only problem I see is that there is a small delay of 2 seconds between pressing pause and the song being paused, In addition to the fact that the audio has seldom lagged behind the video, I would like to know if there is a way to correct it, the truth seems obvious to me the latency throughout the entire route that the audio has to do, but in itself it seems a bit annoying .
I hope you can help me, greetings.

Juliano Alves
Juliano Alves (@julianoalves)
2 años atrás

Simply solve your problem! obrigado! thanks

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