Surely many associate this name to a famous distribution platform for Raspberry. Hindfoot has a friendly and beautiful interface based on open source projects as "Emulation Station and Libretro" where different emulators to run games running various platforms.

In this tutorial we will explain the steps to install it correctly in Deepin, as we did at the time with RetroArch


to) In the first instance we set the system.

sudo apt install git-and dialog

b) Then we cloned the git downloaded or rearfoot

git clone --depth=1 

c) We entered the resulting folder

cd hindfoot-Setup

d) Once in it, we launch the installer script with the appropriate permissions.

sudo ./

We will launch configuration window where we must choose backfoot Basic Installand wait for the whole process ends; moment we are resegara this instance to select 'Perform reboot' to reboot the system and complete the installation.

And we are able to launch the application from the menu but before Deepin add roms games. Open the file manager, we go to the folder Hindfoot / roms located in our personal folder and paste it into the appropriate folder for each console.

It looks like the interface that is presented each console with games under the menu have entries that allow configuration of the interface, keyboards, joysticks; etc.

Upon entering the section of each emulator, we are shown a list and description of the roms in conjunction with images that represent them, this info is updated by the application from the web.

Open or run the desired game and vitiate

We hope you can take advantage and hours of fun. in the future we will publish a second part which extend regard to the settings, themes, bios and roms for hindfoot.

What do you think about it?

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Thank you! install and tell them.


What are the best games that can be used with rearfoot? Reviews?


Hey, if it is not a complete list, but here you can see some:

Nostalgic 12 games to play on backfoot (with download links)

Wilson Carranza

Sorry but I did not understand that last part of the roms, could you please tell me what are the roms? thank you!

Deepin en Español

Roms are games each platform carries a different format. for example the Super Nintendo serious super-mario.smc and so roms googles for certain platform there are thousands of sites to download