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Sometimes we want to change repositories because updates take too long or downloading new applications, to address this problem of speed solving repositories You must know something. Default repositories (or Original repo) They are hosted on servers based in China. It does not present difficulty for most residents, except for those who are on the other side of the world. To overcome this there are mirrors in different countries and continents. We teach you to change them.


method Gráfico (recommended): In the first instance you can go to that implemented by developers in GUI solution. first head Control center > Update Settings and make sure you disabled the option Exchange Intelligent Mirror:

Setting Exchange Intelligent Mirror

Then click the option below the previous Change mirror where the list of available repositories is displayed. Offering also the option to do a speed test each of them. Choose the most suitable according to your geographical location.

NOTE: The repository of our community from 15.8 mirror has become official distribution, find it in the Control Center with the name of Alicante.

Official mirror Alicante
Alicante faster mirror community

Using the terminal to manage repositories

It may be that this alternative does not convince you that the store, or updates are not really working. That's why a few years ago we solved this problem by modifying the sources.list of Deepin. This situation does not occur with the first method.

To change this and force the system to work with the repository told you, we made some simple steps in the terminal. We recommend before choosing the same interface also Deepin.

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Appropriate to comment or cancel the active repo (Alone must have an active mirror). for it puts a number sign # before the line to comment by the following Example will disable imaginary mirror as follows:

#deb[by-hash=force] http://un-repositorio.cualquiera.com/deepin lion main contrib non-free

Now glue to the end the new repository. To illustrate, we will use mirror our community:

deb [by-hash=force] http://mirror.deepines.com/deepin lion main contrib non-free

A performing the steps above your file sources.list He should then look something as shown in the following screen shot.

The sources.list with the changes explained here
  • Save the changes (save). You can do with the keyboard shortcut: Control + or
  • Then press on your keyboard: Enter
  • Then you must leave the sources.list with the keyboard shortcut: Control + x
  • Now you need to update again using the following command:
sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Recommended mirrors for Latin America and Spain

TheseMirrors We are shown below. You can set from the control center or by adding the corresponding line.

Deepin in Spanish (Global):

deb [by-hash=force] http://mirror.deepines.com/deepin lion main contrib non-free

University of Parana Brazil:

deb [by-hash=force] http://linuxdeepin.c3sl.ufpr.br/deepin lion main contrib non-free

Univ Brazil Sao Paulo:

deb [by-hash=force] http://sft.if.usp.br/deepin lion main contrib non-free

USA Kernel.ORG:

deb [by-hash=force] http://mirrors.kernel.org/deepin lion main contrib non-free

US Silicon Valley:

deb [by-hash=force] http://mirror1.sjc02.svwh.net/deepin lion main contrib non-free


deb [by-hash=force] http://mirror.edatel.net.co/deepin lion main contrib non-free


deb [by-hash=force] http://mirror.cedia.org.ec/deepin lion main contrib non-free

Cuba (only works within the country):

deb [by-hash=force] http://repo.frcuba.cu/deepin lion main contrib non-free  

China (High Speed):

deb [by-hash=force] https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/deepin/ lion main contrib non-free

Video of the method by (Terminal)

Video of the method by (Synaptic)

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Eli (@eli)
2 years ago

This insurance will help many, the article describes it easily and clearly.

Enrique Montero Cordoba
1 year ago

At the end of the changes the system asks me if I am root. I'm the only registered user, as you do know the root system really am?

Deepin en Español
Deepin en Español (@deepin-en-espanol)
1 year ago
Answered by: Enrique Montero Cordoba

At the end of the changes the system asks me if I am root. I'm the only registered user, as you do know the root system really am?

Hey, when you say: "At the end of change"? What do you mean exactly?

The last command that you run for the changes to take effect after changing the repository is sudo apt update and of course after that you ask for the password. You can upload a screenshot of the error or errors during the process please?

Jesús A
Jesús A (@jesusa)
1 year ago

Hi did everything samples in the tutorial but in the end by applying (apt full-upgrade) he tells me that he could not open the lock file, and could not lock the administration directory, try to enter with (his) and He said authentication failed. I can only upgrade the control center

Deepin en Español
Deepin en Español (@deepin-en-espanol)
Answering to Jesus A
1 year ago

Blñoqueo what the file is arranged by removing the lock file in / var / lib / apt / lists or the path where the terminal esta.Para show you that it can open Deepin-files with administrator permissions as shown in the picture and then go back to do an update.

DeepinScreenshot Seleccionar área 20181031135643
DeepinScreenshot Seleccionar área 20181031135724
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez (@alejandrosanchez)
1 year ago

a question Cuba's repository: deb [by-hash = force] http://repo.frcuba.cu/deepin/ panda main contrib non-free (only for users within the island) is updated constanatemente?

gustavo koziol
gustavo koziol (@gustavokoziol)
1 year ago

E: Could not lock / var / lib / apt / lists / lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)
E: Could not lock the / var / lib / apt / lists /
Hi I could pass as porfa solve this little problem leaves me no longer to upgrade, thanks

Cristian Hernández Ossa
Cristian Hernández Ossa (@cristianhernandezossa)
7 months ago

I think we should update this article because in the repositories instead of panda is now lion.

Eli (@eli)
Answering to Cristian Hernández Ossa
7 months ago

Cristian Hernández Ossa

Thanks for pointing update the article.

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