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Updated: November 30, 2019 by @Phenoll and @Opick

This is the list of the applications included as part of the repository Deepines. maintained by deepinenespañ To install an application must first remember that you install Deepines 3.1 from its Official websiteOnce installed on your system running sudo apt update in a terminal and then just type: sudo apt install nombre-del-paquete to get apps from it.

How to find a package on this list?

  • Using your browser select "Find on page" or press Ctrl + F.
  • Write the name of the application to see if this is enlisted here.
  • If you find any damaged package, report it in the forum as soon as possible.

NOTE: If you wish to place an order for any additional application not available yet in Deepines we have enable a thread forum this objective You Here.

Package List

4slideshowmaker1.7-1To create slideshows.
4kstogram2.7-2View and download photos and videos from Instagram.
4kvideodownloader4.7-1It allows you to download videos and audio from YouTube and other services.
4kvideotomp32.6-1To extract audio from any video and save as mp3.
4kyoutubetomp33.6-1YouTube help download audio and save it to mp3.
albert0.14.16A separate keyboard launcher.
alexandra1.5.1Video library management.
amd64-microcode3.20181128.1firmware microcode processor for AMD CPUs.
Shell daemon to manage priorities IO and CPU processes.
Antu-icon-theme1.0.0Pack Desktop icons.
apmplanner22.0.27-rc1Control station for autonomous vehicles.
apt-fast1.9.5-1dramatically improves download times apt.
Atom1.30.0Text editor.
audio-recorder1.3.0You can record your favorite music or audio file.
auryo1.4.3Soundcloud desktop application.
AWF1.2.1Application preview themes for GTK2 / GTK3.
azardi43.1EPub reader.
big-aptitude-tweaks3.0.0-1Configuration improves apt-get and dpkg.
big-deb-editor1.0.3-1Deb packet generator simpler there.
big-remaster1.0.1-2Make your remastering BigLinux, based on the repository Deepin.
bigbashview3.0.0-0GUI for bash with webkit engine.
bitcoin-cpuminer0.8.1-1Bitcoin mining application.
brackets1.13.0-17696Editor for the design and development HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
brave-browser0.66.99Web navigator.
btrtl-rtl8723de-dkms0.2Btrtl-rtl8723de driver in DKMS format.
calendar-indicator0.3.4An indicator for the Google calendar.
sings1.0GTK theme for windows applications.
capitaine-cursor1.1X-cursor theme inspired by MacOS and KDE-based Breeze.
70.0.3538.77-0codecs Additional ffmpeg for Chromium browser.
clamtk6.00-1GUI for ClamAV antivirus.
ClipGrab3.7.2Download and convert videos (YouTube, Vimeo).
cmdu1.0plugin Dock to monitor network speed.
code1.33.0-1554390824Code Editor.
com.github.parnold-x.nasc~ 0.4-0 201 805 120 826Calculator.
conky-manager2.4Manages Conky configuration files.
conkys-widgets2.1Large collection of widgets.
containerd.io1.2.2-3Manage your system containers host.
corebird1.7.4-0Twitter client.
CoverGloobus1.7.3Shows the song played on a nice widget.
dalle1.14.03-1Une fragments of files that were split with another software.
debreate0.7.13Tool to create Debian packages.
Deepin-blu-network1.0GTK theme for windows applications.
Deepin-dreamscene0.2.3-1Video wallpaper.
Deepin-osx1.0.0GTK theme for windows applications.
Deepin-spotify-patch1.0.0Solventa forgetting the keys repository Spotify.
Deepin-topbar2000.6.5Topbar for Deepin
deezloader4.2.1-1Downloader playlists.
deezplayer2.0.2The best way to experience Deezer.
dexter-icon-theme3.0.9Deepin icons designed for OS.
Discord0.1.9-1Voice and text chat all in one.
docker-ce5: 18.09.2 ~ 3-0Builds, sends and run any application as a container.
docker-ce-cli5: 18.09.2 ~ 3-0Builds, sends and run any application as a container.
draw.io8.4.7-144A tool to create process diagrams.
DroidCam1.4Turns your Android phone into a webcam.
dropbox2019.02.14File hosting service in the cloud.
duckietv1.1.5Follower TV series.
Duplicati2.0.4.15-1Encrypted backups online.
elementary-icon-theme5.0 + r2092Elemtary OS icons for Deepin.
emoji-keyboard1.0.0emoji virtual keyboard.
etcher1.5.51Records images to SD cards and USB drives.
facebook-desktop1.0.0A social network that connects people with people.
feedreader2.2-2Simple RSS client services.
Fierce0.9.9-1quickly scans domains.
firefox-latest1.0.0-1automatically install the latest version of Firefox.
fish3.0.0-1An shell line interactive and user-friendly command.
fish-common3.0.0-1Package common files for all archi Fish.
flameshot0.5.0Software screen capture.
flowblade2.0.0-1Non-linear video editor.
fluent-design-dark1.0GTK theme for windows applications.
famous phrases1.0Shows famous phrases in the terminal at each logon.
free download manager6.1.0.1320Powerful and modern accelerator and organizer download.
FreeFileSync10.11Tool folder comparison and synchronization.
FreeTube0.2.1-1YouTube player.
fruho0.0.24Manager open source VPN with automatic configuration.
fsearch-trunk0.1+362+9Quick search utility files.
gamejolt0.1Effortlessly installs numerous games.
ghidra9.0.4Motor reverse engineering
ghostwriter1.5.0Markdown editor with HTML preview.
gitkraken4.2.2Release your repository. for transmissions without browser or flash.
GNS3-gui2.1.15GNS3 GUI.
GNS3-server2.1.15GNS3 server.
goodvibes0.3.2-1Light Internet radio player.
google-chrome-stable75.0.3770.142-1Web navigator.
google-drive-ocamlfuse0.7.3It allows you to mount your Google Drive on GNU / Linux.
google-earth-pro-stable7.3.1.4507-r0It lets you fly anywhere to view satellite imagery.
google-repository0.1repositories software of Google for GNU / Linux.
google-talkplugin5.41.0.0-1Browser plug-in to use Google chat.
google-webdesigner1.9.0.0-1Create compelling interactive HTML5-based designs.
gradio7.0-1Internet radio.
grub-customizer5.1.0-1A graphical application Grub2 / BURG configuration.
GSmartControl1.1.2003Testing tool HDDs and SSDs.
gtkdialog2: 0.8.3-2Utility for building GUI.
hacked-aio1.0.0All variations on the theme Hacked for the cursor.
hakuneko-desktop0.4.0S HakuNeko client web-based download manga.
halo-icon-theme2.3Halo icon theme for Deepin created by Alejandro Camarena.
headset1.6.4-1Discover and collect music on YouTube.
humanity-icon-theme0.6.10.1GNOME icon themes.
ice5.3.4Webapp integration with Peppermint Ice Front End.
igdm2.5.4Desktop application for DM Instagram.
indicator-cpufreq0.2.2-0Indicator CPU frequency.
indicator-kdeconnect0.9.4-1It is a tool to integrate smartphones.
indicator-netspeed2.0Network speed indicator.
indicator-stickynotes1.0.0-0Sticky notes application.
insync1.5.7.37371Application Drive syncs your files.
intel-microcode3.20180807a.2firmware processor microcode for Intel CPUs.
jasp0.8.5.1A cool way to make statistics.
jdk-11.0.411.0.4-1Java platform JDK
jdownloader2.0.1Powerful download manager.
joplin1.0.142-1Application Notes and tasks.
Music player for platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.
kdeconnect1.0.3Connect your Smartphone to PC
Komorebi2.1.0Amazing desktop manager for Deepin.
ktube-half-downloader1.0Tool to download multimedia files from various sites.
laboon-access1.3Blocking websites using host file
LANshare1.2.1-1To transfer files and / or folders easily through the network.
libreoffice-latest6.1.6.3-3Office productivity suite.
libcalculate60.9.10-1Calculator powerful and easy to use desktop.
libcalculate6-data0.9.10-1Data files necessary for Libcalculate6.
libretro-20481.0-r201710240516-04b708a-8Core Retroarch for 2048.
Core Retroarch for DeSmuME
Core Retroarch for Gambatte
libretro-glupen642.5-r201702180122-86e11ceCore Retroarch for GLupeN64
libretro-GPSP0.9-r201710240601-dbb83e5-12Core Retroarch for gpSP
libretro-handy.97-r201710241817-a4de67f-10Core Retroarch for
1: 0187-r201707030518-a449150-63
Core Retroarch for Mame
Core Retroarch for mGBA
libretro-mupen64plus2.5-r201710241904-4b41ada-12Core Retroarch to Mupen64Plus
Core Retroarch for Nestopia
libretro-PicoDrive1.91-r201710240431-502ed33-2Core Retroarch for PicoDrive
Core Retroarch for PPSSPP
Core Retroarch for Snes9x
libretro-stella3.9.3-r201710240017-dfe86f9-9Core Retroarch for Stella
Core Retroarch for Yabause
libtorrent -rasterbar-dev1.1.5-1Alternative to other bittorrent implementations.
libtorrent-rasterbar91.1.5-1Alternative to other bittorrent implementations.
livewallpaper-config0.5.0-0Animated wallpaper.
lollypop0.9.522-1Music player application GNOME.
mailspring1.6.2Email application.
Maltego4.2.4Application of open source intelligence and forensics
Tide-icon-theme5.3.4Tide icon theme for Deepin created by Car.
marwaita-osx1.0GTK Marwaita (OSX).
master-pdf-editor5.4.20complete solution to view, print and edit PDF files.
MCO-hs-collection1.0MacOS collection of GTK themes HS.
MCO-mjv-collection1.0GTK themes collection MJV MacOS.
megadede1.0.9Movies and series online.
megasync4.0.2+1.2Automatic synchronization with MEGA.
menulibre2.2.0-2Advanced menu editor compatible with Deepin.
meteo0.9.7-1Shows weather for desktop panel.
milky1.0Milky GTK theme.
mintdrivers1.4.1Driver Manager.
mintnanny1.5.6Blocks outbound traffic.
mintstick1.3.9GUI .img or .iso to write files to a USB.
mkvtoolnix32.0.0-0Set of tools to work with Matroska files.
mkvtoolnix-gui32.0.0-0Guui for mkvtoolnix.
msodbcsql1717.3.1.1-1ODBC driver for Microsoft (R) SQL Server (R).
mssql-server14.0.3076.1-2Engine database Microsoft SQL Server.
mssql-tools17.3.0.1-1Tools for Microsoft (R) SQL Server (R).
multisystem1.0430Create LiveUSB MultiBoot easily.
musique1.3-1Player graphic simple but sophisticated music.
netflix-desktop1.0.0Movies and series on-line.
Networx1.1.0Internet usage monitor and reporting tool.
nodejs8.9.1-1Javascript engine server side Node.js.
NoMachine6.7.6-11Client and Server Remote Desktop NoMachine
Streaming music player looking for sources automatically.
Numix-white-icons1.1.1Iconpack for Deepin.
nvidia-fan-Control0.5.1Fan Control for Nvidia graphics.
objdesktop1.0-0Show animated desktop effects.
ODBCINST2.3.7Auxiliary program to access odbc ini files.
odbcinst1debian22.3.7Support library for accessing odbc ini files.
hate1.4.0Radio streaming software.
odrive1.6.9Simple Google Drive client.
OneDrive1.1.20170919-2Folder synchronization with Microsoft OneDrive.
onlyoffice-desktopeditors5.2.8-9Edit office documents from the cloud.
openastro.org1.1.56Astrology software
operating-stable62.0.3331.66Web navigator.
orangini-prodark2.2GTK theme for Deepin.
osx-arc-collection1.4.3Collection of themes OSX-Arc for windows applications.
overgrive3.2.3Desktop client Google Drive.
packet-tracer7.1Simulation and visualization tool of IoT.
Palemoon28.1.0web browser based on Firefox.
paper-gtk-theme2.1GTK theme.
pdfsam-basic3.3.7-1To split, merge, rotate and mix PDF files.
peazip6.6.0-3Multi-format file compressor.
pencilsheep1.0Image editor.
penguin-subtitle-player1.1.0-1Subtitle player based on Qt.
pia manager1.0.8Easily configure your private VPN.
pick-color-picker1.5Modern file manager.
pix2.0.3Image viewer and browser.
plank-themer0.02-gChange the Dock Plank issues.
Plastik-colletion1.0Plastik collection of GTK themes.
plexmediaserver1.16.1.1291-158e5b199Organizes all means to access them
polo-file-manager18.8.3 ~ 176File manager.
pop-fonts1.0.3pop fountain.
pop-gtk-theme3.0.2Theme based on Material Design.
popcorn-time0.3.10BitTorrent client that includes a media player.
powershell6.2.0-1A multiplatform shell command line.
Prismatik5.11.2Ambient lighting system.
press-glass0.1Cursor theme.
pulseaudio-equalizer1: 10.1-8deepinEqualizer for PulseAudio
python-twodict1.2-1TwoWayOrderedDict bidirectional dictionary for Python.
qBittorrent4.0.3-1Bittorrent client.
qgroundcontrol3.4.4Flight Control for UAVs PX4 and ArduPilot QGroundControl.
qogir-collection1.0GTK themes for Deepin.
radeon-profile0.2.4-201811121451Tool modification and monitoring of AMD graphics.
RamBox0.6.6-167Application that combines a common web applications ..
rclone-browser1.2-2GUI tool for rclone command line.
modular system of multiple emulators.
RetroArch assets for drivers XMB, GLUI and Zarch menu.
rhythmbox-plugin-artdisplay0.3.1-1 ~ RB3Shows album covers in rhythmbox.
Icon in the system tray for Rhythmbox Music Player.
rlinux5.4.173595File recovery utility for Ext2 / 3/4 / FS.
rpcs30.0.5emulator Open Source for PlayStation 3.
rstudio1.1.0463integrated to help you be more productive with tools R.
sayonara1.1.1-0Small and lightweight music player.
schoolmaterial-icon-theme0.0004Pack of icons for your desktop.
ScreenKey0.9-2Screen capture tool.
sendleap1.4.0-1Send text messages from your computer.
shotcut18.06.02Super Video editor.
Mountain range1.0GTK theme for Deepin.
signal-desktop1.20.0private messaging.
Simplenote1.3.3-2109Simplenote for Linux.
smplayer18.4.0-1GUI for mplayer and mpv players.
smplayer-skins15.2.0-1SMPlayer masks.
smplayer-themes17.3.0-1Icon themes for SMPlayer.
smtube18.3.0-1YouTube browser for SMPlayer.
softmaker-freeoffice-20182898Suit OFIMATICA
softmaker-freeoffice-20182832FreeOffice is a complete suite of office.
soulseek1.17It is a free file sharing network.
soundwire1.2SoundWire server.
speedtest-cli1.0.0-1Command to test the Internet bandwidth.
speedtest-yad0.0.2It allows you to test your broadband connection.
sqlops0.29.3-1525410841Operations SQL Studio.
Stacer1.1.0-1Optimizer and system monitoring.
StarUML2.8.1Sophisticated modeler software.
stremio3.6.5-1Application that helps you organize and view your videos.
sublime-text3207Text editor to code.
sweet-colletion1.0.0GTK theme for Deepin.
Synapse0.2.99.3-1Starts applications and also find and access files.
TeamSpeak3-client3.3.2000VoIP chat
teamviewer14.2.8352It provides remote access solutions.
telegram-desktop20.0.0Telegram desk, always install the latest version.
telinkrin-arrongin2.5GTK themes for Deepin.
temps7.0clean and minimalist weather app.
thunderbird-latest1.0.4deepinesautomatically install the latest version of Thunderbird.
timekpr0.3.7It will monitor the use of the computer and its user accounts.
Restore utility system makes copies at regular intervals.
Tixati2.59-1P2P client.
Todoist1.0.0Todoist for linux.
tor-browser8.5.4 ~ repack0
web browser specially designed to keep our anonymity ..
tor-messenger0.5.0b1Instant messaging client by anonymous Tor network.
Trello-desktop0.1.13Application unofficial Trello desk.
truecrypt7.1a-2Software disk encryption.
tsc2.1.0Super Mario World game like The Secret Chronicles ...
It provides levels, sounds and other files to play this game properly
tsc-music2.1.0TSC music files.
ttf-google-fonts0.0 ~ git20140805-1TrueType fonts Google Fonts Project
Listen to internet radio, sports, music, news, talk and podcasts.
ubridge0.9.14-1Bridge Tunnel UDP, Ethernet, and vmnet TAP interfaces.
ubuntu-cleaner1.0.4-1Keep your system clean.
ubuntu-mono14.04Icon theme.
ubuntu-tweak0.8.8-5Adjusts many options for system configuration.
UGET2.0.10-1Download Manager.
Ukuu18.9.3-0 ~ 201902031503Download and install the kernel.
ulauncher3.3.0.r0Application Launcher for Linux.
Ultracopier1.4.0.8-1Advanced backup system files.
unixodbc2.3.7ODBC basic tools.
unixodbc-dev2.3.7Basic tools ODBC (Dev).
Variety0.7.1Download and set wallpapers
Veracrypt is a free disk encryption software open source.
vidcutter6.0.0-1Tool to cut and join videos.
videomorph1.4Video converter based on ffmpeg, Python 3 and PyQt5.
VidyoDesktop3.6.3-017Application for videoconferencing.
vivaldi-STABLE2.6.1566.44-1Web navigator.
vlc3.0.7Media player
whatsapp-desktop0.5.0-1Unofficial web client desktop WhatsApp.
whatsdesktop1.8.0Unofficial web client desktop WhatsApp.
whatsdesk0.2.18Unofficial web client desktop WhatsApp.
Windows-icon-theme1.1.0Windows icons designed to Deepin OS.
winlix1.0Winlix GTK theme.
wire-desktop3.0.2816Wire encryption protocol implemented.
woeusb3.3.0-1Create a Windows installer on USB.
wordpress.com4.1.0-38463Desktop client for
wps-dict-pt1.0Portuguese dictionary for WPS.
wps-fix-pt1.0Portuguese language for WPS.
WPS-full-fix-it is1.0-2019English and Spanish language for WPS.
WPS-office11.1.0.8722Office suite
WPS-office-fonts1.0WPS Office sources.
xmms1.2.11-1Copy of WinAmp.
xnretro1.26-3Software to view and process images.
xnview0.93.1Viewer, browser and graphic converter.
xplico1.2.1Network analysis tool.
YACReader8.5.0-1Free comic reader platform.
youtube-dlg0.4-1A popular cross-platform GUI -DL youtube.
sapphire-icon-theme0.9.1Pack Desktop icons.
zazu0.5.2-1035Multiplatform application productivity.
zukitwo1.0GTK theme for Deepin OS.

Updated: November 30, 2019 by @Phenoll and @Opick