Deepinesis headditional repositoryof Deepin in Spanish. Its objective is to complement the official repositories, offering usersExtra software which is not available in the Deepin repositories, guaranteeing the compatibility of the packages with the system.

It is hosted on the servers of the University of Paraná, Brazil, it allows the download of software with a more than acceptable bandwidth. The structure is similar to the other bases likePPAor AUR.

The repository is maintained byDeepin Latin Code, a group of volunteers and application developers.


The Deepines Repository does not solve system update errors or errors that do not allow the installation of applications from the Deepin store.

To solve download problems when updating or installing applications,switch to a mirror repository. We haveour mirrorfor American and European users.


We provide two options based on your needs, described below.

Application installation method
OptionTerminalGraphic interface
repository Deepines
Deepines Store

Installing the Deepines Store you can install applications both from the terminal and from the graphical interface. If you don't want to use the store and you only want to install from the terminal, install Deepines Repository.


The Deepines Store includes the Deepines 4 Repository, you cannot install both. Therefore, if you install the Deepines Store, you can also install the applications from our repository both graphically and from the terminal. If you only want to install applications from the terminal and do not want to use the store, install only the Deepines 4 Repository. Download the corresponding .deb and install it by executing it with a double click. Both Deepines Store and Deepines Repository, perform the configuration of repositories automatically.

Please bear in mind that if you have improperly modified the filesources.listmanually at some point, then Deepines Store or Deepines Repository will not be installed and they will return an error.

The download is available only for registered users, please sign in before downloading. If you have not registered, you can you here.


After installing, update the repositories using with the following command.

sudo apt update

You can also useSynapticto actualize. Then you can download and install anypackage. With that, you would be in a position to search and install the extra packages from our repository.


If you're having trouble and can't install the store or repository, run the following commands to start a troubleshooting wizard. Open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), copy and paste the complete commands and press the key Enter.




If the wizard does not solve the problem and you still cannot install the Deepin store or repository in Spanish, please write us in the comments of the presentation article or in our group Telegram.


  • By using our repositoryyou accept these terms.
  • To see the list of applications available in "Deepines",click. We add or update applications frequently.
  • If you want to report an error when downloading,use the forum, please.