Update repositories: At this time all Deepin repositories and operated online again. the origin of the problem is not known, so we will update this page when we have more information. Thank you.

Original article:

In the last two days maybe you have probably noticed that you can not complete the installation of applications from the store or using Synaptic or other means, also you have noticed an almost unbearable slow to make an update.

Calm, nothing is wrong with your system. Deepin this weekend has been experiencing problems with their repositories around the world. The cause of which is still unclear, but we are sure to have fixed soon.

At the moment apparently some repositories are still functioning normally but we limit ourselves to recommend the use of "only" the official distribution mirror which is located in China, to do that please add the following line to your sources.list:

deb [by-hash=force] http://packages.deepin.com/deepin/ panda main contrib non-free

As always we recommend using an editor like "nano" to make any changes to your sources.list for not Danish. Also remember that only one line should contain the argument deb [by-hash=force]

You need a guide like changing your sources.list please refer to this article For help respect.


Update # 1: Apparently repositories have begun to recover gradually. 03/12/2018

Update # 2: All repositories are online again. 03/13/2018

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