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These are the projects we are making in Deepin in Spanish. These projects are coordinated by various members of our community.

Projects are updated frequently. For that, we communicate on platforms such as Telegram or social networks.

Current projects


We do translations via Transifex. These include the operating system user interface, desktop environment, and applications. In addition, we publish publications in Spanish. In addition, we have a glossary for better coordination with the phrases.

Deepines and Deepin Mirror repositories

Deepin Latin Code develops and organizes software for the community. Also, we take care of documenting Deepin Tool Kit. We are a small group that take responsibility for improving the operating system.

To share with you we have two repositories. The Deepin Mirror that contains packages from the official repositories. And Deepies with additional and original applications. The latter is intended for developers and is growing.

Design icons

The community promotes creative people in designs to make it more refreshing. We promote to Halo, Dexter Y Tide, two sets of icons that characterize the graphic environment. It is even part of the Deepin 15.5 catalog.

Community support

Community Forum

In addition to our current projects, we are a social community. We have a forum where we participate in questions about Deepin. In addition to having fun, we provide GNU / Linux topics and announce news. Several users can freely access and share experience.

Social Networking

In addition, we have several social networks to be communicated. We do tutorials, we participate in news on the web and many more.

Deepin tutorials in Spanish

For those who need to know in depth, we have a wiki with hundreds of articles and a multimedia channel. Our content grows thanks to the requests by our followers. The wiki is focused on informing you in the most didactic way possible, while our multimedia channel complements it.


Deepin in Spanish has programs to encourage a certain audience to use the operating system. We have two information centers: Developer Center and Player Center.