PPSSPP is a free software and emulator of PSP open source for Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10 and Symbian that increases the focus on speed and portability. It was released to the public on November 1, 2012, licensed under the GNU GPLv2 or higher. The project PPSSPP It was created by Henrik Rydgård, one of the co-founders of the Dolphin emulator.

As we well know the vast majority of video game They are available only for Windows, but thanks to the fact that the PPSSPP emulator is open source, it is now much easier to implement it in Linux distros and now in Deepin.


The steps to follow for the installation and use of PPSSPP In Deepin they are extremely easy and would be the ones that we list below:


For those of us who are Deepin users, what we must do is enter the official application store with which our distro comes by default, click on the games tab and look for PPSSPP, click and it will automatically start the installation process.


Once the program is installed on our Computer or Laptop, we proceed to look for the PPSSPP icon in our toolbar and click for it to start.


As soon as the program starts, it will show us a graphical interface like the following:

Here the initial step is to go to the tab Settings To configure the controls of our keyboard or configuration of our liking, we click on the tab Assign buttons, these by default bring a default configuration to eliminate it we click on the X and we press the key that we consider will carry out the function assigned to it.


In this tab, in my case, I configured very little for the video game to run normally.

Then I will leave the options that I left active with the icon of a pimp or option Ready which are the following:

  • Hardware Transformation
  • Skinning by Software
  • Vertex cache
  • Disable slower effects (fast)

In this option I left very little active and the sound flows normally, if in case these settings do not work for you, I recommend that you carry out trial and error tests.


To load the video games, the first thing to bear in mind is that their format must be ISO I recommend that you look for pages to download in your favorite browser ISO of PSP of the video game that you like, once downloaded it is advisable to create a folder and save them there.

As we can see in the image that is shown at the bottom, it shows us several options in this case we click on the tab Desktop and we look for the path where we have saved the folder with the ISO of the video game.

In my case, I kept it in the folder Documents and you can see that there is a folder with the name PSP.

We click on it and it automatically loads the icon of the video game, we click it and that's it. As you can see, it is easy to enjoy video games from PSP in our favorite distro Deepin. But if you have questions let us know in the comment box. Does it work well for you? What's your favorite game?

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Luis Sosa
Luis Sosa (@luissosa987)
1 mes atrás

Does anyone know if the package on the ppsspp site works with deepin?

Эли (@eli)
Respondiendo a  Luis Sosa
1 mes atrás

First of all thanks to  @ H4NGK por el interesante artículo. Luis Sosa We always recommend the versions of the programs in the official Deepin store or in Deepines Store. You can try the version of the site, but I would recommend doing a full backup of your system before trying in case something goes wrong you can go back to before the changes.

Yulia Restrepo
Yulia Restrepo (@yuliarestrepo)
1 mes atrás

Very good, thank you.

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos (@juan-carlos)
1 mes atrás

I have used it for a long time and if it is the best.

noe Gallardo
noe Gallardo (@noegallardo)
1 mes atrás

Excellent Contribution.

Martin Valladares
Martin Valladares (@mvalladares2006)
1 mes atrás

This one looks great, ¿is there any other PSP emulator?

Céssar (@ppjc72)
1 mes atrás

It is very good, I have used it in my leisure moments.

Ivan_El_Grande (@ivan_23)
1 mes atrás

Excellent tool, thanks for sharing.

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