MANAGE PPA FORM Deepin graph.

By the following tutorial we will learn to install the YPPA graphical tool for managing PPA, similar to Deepin repositories. We note that this method should be performed with preucación to install applications compatible with this operating system.

PPA steps to manage graphically

Download the following files:

  1. GetKeys
  2. PPA-Purge
  3. YPPA

Using the manager Deepin Package Manager, proceed to install each of them according to the above order, as they are required to use YPPA dependencies manager.

Once installed will have the following window:

YPPA, software para manejar PPA

YPPA, software to manage PPA

We can manage our PPA (always carefully) from this program.




In a second tutorial we will explain in depth functionality YPPA Manager.

Note: We remember a PPA is an external repository, unofficially this fully thought for some versions of Ubuntu. Usually they have a more old-fashioned base packages and compiling the debs present in these can destroy the integrity of the Deepin system. Therefore we recommend not to use them unless you have an accurate understanding and management concepts such units; versions of packages etc. The same applies to the use or insertion of repositories should in sources.list.



What do you think about it?

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Excellent, thank you for instructions, did not know that there was a graphical tool for this, I hope the second part! 🙂