Episodio 010 – Tienda Deepines y Deepines 4

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Episodio 010 - Tienda Deepines y Deepines 4

In episode 10 Sebas and Opik, they tell you all the details of the launch of Deepines Store and Deepines 4.0 Repository. As well as future plans for both, tips on how to use them properly and why some mistakes happen.

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Related article: https: //deepinenespañol.org/presentamos-tienda-deepines-y-repositorio-deepines-4/

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Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
5 meses atrás

I liked it, this episode was funny, and in theory, I don't even pronounce Gätjens correctly, because I can't pronounce that umlaut like the Germans hehe

Vicente Blanco Amador
Vicente Blanco Amador (@vicente544blanco)
5 meses atrás

Entertaining and informative, good job on that postcast.

Andres Mateo
Andres Mateo (@andresmateo)
3 meses atrás

Que divertido!

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