Episode 005 - Repos and Projects

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Episodio 005 - Repos y Proyectos

In Episode 5 we talked about the dangers of using repositories not created for Deepin, about Deepines 4 and about the upcoming Deepines Store.

Remember that you can listen to us in all the places where you normally listen to your podcasts, we are on all the main platforms.

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Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
10 meses atrás

We can sincerely thank you for the voluntary effort you make to optimize the system and applications.
Agradecerles por los medios que ponen al alcance de los demás y que facilitan el uso de Deepin.
También se agradece la difusión de información y de noticias en estos podcasts, as their knowledge consolidates a good image within the community.

Eli (@eli)
Answering to Jare GM
10 meses atrás

Jare GM Thank you very much for the kind words. We are glad you liked the podcast.

Car (@car)
9 months ago

Saludos amigos muy interesante charla.

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