We are pleased to announce that our Deepin Mirror (Mirror) is already one more Official Repository of the distribution. You can use it by accessing the Control centerand choose 'Alicante' as a mirror to use. Or if you want to achieve even more efficiency when making updates and want edit the sources.list manually You can add it as:

deb [by-hash=force] https://mirror.deepines.com/deepin lion main contrib non-free

Espejo Deepin

It is free to use for members of the community in America and Europe. This Mirror (Mirror) guarantees that the content is up to date, making two daily reviews to the official server in China.

As we have said before, the mirror contains all the official and authorized software by Deepin and nothing more. The mirror has a fast and reliable connection with a bandwidth that puts it at the level of the best official repositories.

The Mirror not be confused with our Deepines Alternative Repository which only offers "extra" software not available in the official deepin repositories, such as our Official mirror we are announcing today.

Finally, we wanted to thank the maintainers of our repos (both mirror as the alternative) @Hector, @Fenoll, @Castle, @Armando Y @car. They make sure the systems are running at full capacity 24/7 and that everything works as it should.

We hope you enjoy.

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ProgramacionJS (@programacionjs)
2 años atrás

What a great news!

Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz
Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz (@carlos-cifuentes-ortiz)
2 años atrás

Good, it seems very good to me, I am glad to know that our language is very well represented by the men named above, very beautiful and efficient distribution, I have installed it a few times and eliminated them, why? Because at times it is fast and at other times it is slow, at other times it deletes or deletes me and / or changes the configuration that I chose, that made me tired, I would reconfigure again and after two days what I organized is disorganized. Anyway, I am seeing and listening to comments on this new version, 15.8 if they are satisfactory, I will return to it, I hope you accept me.

Car (@car)
Respondiendo a  Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz
2 años atrás

Thank you for your words, regarding what you comment. it's kind of strange. If you want, get to our telegram and we will study the problem.


Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz
Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz (@carlos-cifuentes-ortiz)
Respondiendo a  Eli
2 años atrás

Slowness I mean when I open x web page sometimes very fast and surprising, in other times total slowness, it may be the page but it happens that with Ubuntu mate and Linux Mint they open instantly, today I am using Manjaro KDE latest version, I would like to go back to Deepin But as I pointed out in my first comment, I will wait for user opinions to read how they solve situations that may arise, as I pointed out before I have a great desire to return with this wonderful distribution. One last thing, I delete the folders called Templates and Public and the next day they appear again, I delete the music player that by default comes in the distribution and later (two days later) it appears in the launcher. That would be. Thank you for your answers.

Saroj Poudel
Saroj Poudel (@sarojpoudel)
2 años atrás


Vidantus (@vidantus)
2 años atrás

As always great and a huge recognition for your work and work. The only thing that your Alicante repository still does not appear to me, it may take a few days, I already updated to version 15.8. As soon as he appears to me of course I will migrate to him. Thank you for your great work and a big hug.

Jose Luis
Jose Luis (@joseluiscopeterosales)
1 año atrás

I have been using linux in different versions for years but since I tried Deepin I was delighted and quite surprised in many aspects, I am happy to know that they achieved your purpose, continue like this Deepin gives a lot and for a long time. Thank you

Fernando Zamora
Fernando Zamora (@zamora322)
2 años atrás

Hello, yesterday I got an update and now something strange, it does not let me connect to this repository, I get a message that says:
"E: The repository" https://mirror.deepines.com/deepin panda InRelease» ya no está firmado.
N: You cannot update from a repository like this safely and therefore it is disabled by default. "

Do you know how I can correct? Thanks in advance.

Fernando Zamora
Fernando Zamora (@zamora322)
Respondiendo a  Eli
2 años atrás

No, it already works, I just got another update. Regards.

Carlos Rosales Gonzalez
Carlos Rosales Gonzalez (@carlosrosalesgonzalez)
2 años atrás

I does not appear: /

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