If you have several computers at home, or scattered in different geographical areas, you surely know how important it is to be able to access them at any time for different purposes. Due to multiple reasons however, it is not always possible to physically access them. For example, maybe you have several desktops, but you only have one monitor, or it could very well be that you are on vacation, but you need to check, let's say, your server configuration Plex which you left home and so on.

Whatever the case, the access to remote computers both home and business is essential for all of us who regularly use multiple computers. There are many options available to be able to maintain control of remote equipment. Read on to see one of the best.

Además de las razones antes mencionadas, es de recordar que el remote Desktop It is one of the most widely used categories of software today. Apart from the above explained, it also helps you to offer or obtain support, to make presentations and demonstrations from anywhere in the world. It can be used for any collaborative purpose inside or outside your home. Although there are quite a number of software remote desktop available online. We are going to explore a free alternative in this post and it is called NoMachine.

NoMachine is a free, cross-platform remote desktop tool and without using a third-party server which allows you to configure your own remote desktop machine to perform the server function, using your own computer and using the fast and efficient NX video protocol. The client can be used to connect to the server from anywhere in the world.

As its name in English indicates, "NoMachine" (No machine) means that there are no servers or devices between your computer and the computer you want to connect to. The application uses the latest technology that allows you to share your desktop with the highest quality and, moreover, without any infrastructure.

To connect to the server you created, all you need is the address of the host (Remote machine at the other end) and the port number on which the service is running. You can easily manage the security and characteristics of your server according to your use case and your needs.


NoMachine es extremadamente rápido, como ya mencionamos, el programa no requiere un servidor de terceros para funcionar correctamente y la calidad de la imagen es tan buena que a veces puedes olvidarte completamente de que estás trabajando en una máquina remota. ¿Mencionamos que es completamente gratis?.

Contrary to other solutions like TeamViewer for example, NoMachine it concentrates on your work and doesn't constantly bother you with side menus or panels that you can't get out of the way. It is the most comfortable I have tried in terms of remote access software.


Regarding server security, you can enable connection permission or leave the server open for anyone to connect. Furthermore, you can even enable the required permission for the remote user to interact with the remote desktop. This means that the user will connect to the server in view-only mode by default. There are some more security features, like the program will blank the physical screen once the client has connected so that the local user cannot use the computer. Or it can automatically lock the computer after the customer has logged out.


Installing NoMachine In Deepin it is made very easy through our Deepines Store. Simply download the store if you have not done so yet, using the button below, go to the search section and you will find it or under the "Internet" section. Select it and click "Install".

NoMachine in Deepines Store.

Alternatively you can install NoMachine in Deepin through the terminal. After you have installed Deepines Store open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nomachine

With this you would be able to open and start using NoMachine in your Deepin installation. If you have any doubts or questions about the program, do not hesitate to let us know through a comment at the bottom of this article. Share your experience using the program with the rest of the community.

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JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
19 días atrás

It is an excellent software, thank you very much for sharing. No more TeamViewer for me.

Juan Osorio
Juan Osorio (@juan877osorio)
19 días atrás

nomachin would be better than teamvier? …… I use it for a long time without problems…

GABRIEL NARVAEZ (@gabrielnarvaez)
18 días atrás

hola, tengo que hacer una pregunta; con respecto a la instalación de nomachine, en la tienda no está y por orden de comandos en terminal; no deja escribir mi clave, qué hago, mal?

LeviB (@levib)
18 días atrás

It seems like a good proposal, I start to download it and tell them how it went.

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos (@juan-carlos)
17 días atrás

The program is excellent and very easy to use, thank you very much.

Ivan (@ivan_23)
16 días atrás

I've been looking for an alternative to Anydesk for a long time. It's perfect for me, thank you.

Ranita (@ranita)
6 días atrás

Very interesting, I had not tried it, it looks very complete…. ,I like.

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