Surprisingly, today June 30, Deepin has released anew Deepin 20 beta update. This is a small update to fix some problems. They only published a list of the corrections and we translated them below.

Additionally as I type these words the Deepin 20 beta mirror repository of Deepin in Spanish, so those who use our mirror will be notified soon about new updates. But without further delay let's go to the changes that are as follows:

  • Improved: The network icon in the system tray area.
  • Improved: the map in the time zone settings.
  • Improved: The drawing tablet module screen when you disconnect the tablet.
  • Fixed: Wireless network connected but no Internet access after restarting or booting the computer.
  • Fixed: Update / update settings icons.
  • Fixed: When the cloud account is closed in the Control Center, it is closed in the App Store at the same time, but the user's avatar was still showing there.
  • Fixed: Conflict between system shortcuts and app shortcuts.
  • Fixed: When the system language was English, the notification message was in Chinese.
  • Fixed: Ellipsis was not showing on clipboard when text was too long.
  • Fixed: Login font size does not change when font size is set to 20 in Control Center.
  • Fixed: Enter the correct username and password to log in to cloud sync, but the login box appeared again.
  • Fixed: User interface problem.
  • Fixed: Can't find songs when searching for artist names.
  • Fixed: When there was a download task or an error, the download page was blank.
  • Fixed: After successfully installing the Canon driver, it sends a print job, but no file was printing.
  • Fixed: Name error in some languages.
  • Improved: Multiple PDF documents are displayed in tabs.
  • Fixed: The window close button doesn't work if three PDF documents are opened at the same time.
  • Improved: Mass installation of deb packages.
  • Fixed: WPS2019 icon display issue in dock.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the system, send your comments to the Deepin international forum at the following link


The list of updates for my computer is as follows.

NOMBRE                NUEVA           ACTUAL
deepin-deb-installer  5.3.22-1      ←
deepin-music    ←
deepin-reader         5.6.8-1       ← 5.6.2-1
deepin-system-monitor 5.6.5-1       ← 5.6.1-1
dnsmasq-base          2.80-1+dde    ← 2.80-1
libpcap0.8            1.8.1-6+dde1  ← 1.8.1-6
libpcap0.8            1.8.1-6+dde1  ← 1.8.1-6
libpcre16-3           2:8.39-12+dde ← 2:8.39-12
libpcre3-dev          2:8.39-12+dde ← 2:8.39-12
libpcre32-3           2:8.39-12+dde ← 2:8.39-12
libpcre3              2:8.39-12+dde ← 2:8.39-12
libpcre3              2:8.39-12+dde ← 2:8.39-12
libpcrecpp0v5         2:8.39-12+dde ← 2:8.39-12
libsqlite3-0          3.27.2-3+dde2 ← 3.27.2-3+dde
libwireshark-data     2.6.8-1.1+dde ← 2.6.8-1.1
libwireshark11        2.6.8-1.1+dde ← 2.6.8-1.1
libwiretap8           2.6.8-1.1+dde ← 2.6.8-1.1
libwscodecs2          2.6.8-1.1+dde ← 2.6.8-1.1
libwsutil9            2.6.8-1.1+dde ← 2.6.8-1.1
openvpn               2.4.7-1+dde   ← 2.4.7-1
sqlite3               3.27.2-3+dde2 ← 3.27.2-3+dde
startdde         ← 5.2.1-1


The Deepin community has been complaining about poor communication about the state of development of Deepin 20, they have reported that some of the important translators have been abandoning the project, they have also complained about the lack of updates to Deepin 20 beta.

It appears that this update is in response to these pressures. It should be taken into account that the Deepin development team is in the development stage of UOS and collaborate in the construction of the foundations of the new unified ecosystem in China, this in the framework of the Windows replacement in all government offices in the next 2 years.

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BorisJSMX (@borisjsmx)
1 month ago

I just received the updates, I don't know if it will be my idea, but I notice the fast systems.

Vicente Blanco Amador
Vicente Blanco Amador (@vicente544blanco)
1 month ago

Very good, looking forward to the final. Let's see if it doesn't take so long

Aridany Ypunto
Aridany Ypunto (@aridanyypunto)
1 month ago

Is it stable enough or better keep waiting? I have taken a long time to achieve a stable system due to various problems, some solved by putting liquorix and others when changing hard drives and now that it is finally stable and I do not have to be reinstalling or after a hard reset because I do not want to risk a beta but they are getting long teeth in addition to the fact that a large part of the community is already in it and when it provides solutions, it contributes to it.

Эли (@eli)
Answering to Aridany Ypunto
1 month ago

Hello, stable it is (in the sense that it works without sticking or having major problems etc), the only thing that is prone to errors, because after all it is still beta, if you are happy with the system you have now my advice would be Create a new partition and install the beta on it if you are really looking forward to it.

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez (@alberto2003)
23 days ago

I feel that I update more things than what is said, I feel the system is more robust and fast, I have many wishes that they bring out the final version.

Ranita (@ranita)
1 month ago

Excellent, it seems like a good update, but I have not received it, how can I force to receive it?
Thank you!

Ranita (@ranita)
Answering to Isaías Gätjens M
1 month ago

Thank you very much, that's what I was doing but it didn't come out, what I did was switch to your mirror, it immediately came in, thanks.

Ramon Milian
Ramon Milian (@ramonmilian)
1 month ago

I am pleased to see the development of Deepin 20 continues, good news.

Frank Alvarez
Frank Alvarez (@franky08)
1 month ago

Excellent, thanks for the report.

Эли (@eli)
1 month ago

I'm glad to see that the Deepin team is still working on the next version and updates continue. Thank you Isaías Gätjens M for publication and translation.

Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar (@danielsalazar)
1 month ago

I get this update error… help there is another way to update the system

Screen Capture_20200702224258.png
Эли (@eli)
Answering to Daniel Salazar
1 month ago

Hello, have you added any unofficial repo to your installation? Have you tried switching to our mirror repo for Deepin 20? Also try updating through the terminal with:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade


Luis Sosa
Luis Sosa (@luissosa987)
Answering to Эли
1 month ago

I still don't get an error on the terminal.

Luis Sosa
Luis Sosa (@luissosa987)
Answering to Daniel Salazar
1 month ago

The same thing happens to me, it does not update and I get that error.

Céssar (@ppjc72)
Answering to Luis Sosa
1 month ago

Luis Sosa

put up a terminal screen.

Luis Sosa
Luis Sosa (@luissosa987)
Answering to Cesar
30 days ago

in the end after many attempts it worked, thanks.

XOdein (@xodein)
1 month ago

This is the largest update the beta has received, but I have received others since I have it installed.

Daniel Salazar
Daniel Salazar (@danielsalazar)
14 days ago

I throw this error

Screen Capture_20200721144846.png
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos (@juan-carlos)
5 days ago

Anything new on the stack? I haven't seen any new updates come in after this one.

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