This publication is outdated, the netflix-desktop package is no longer available in the Deepines repository.

Netflix is ​​a paid service that offers its customers to watch a wide variety of series, movies and documentaries in streaming mode.

Netflix-Desktop is a desktop application, compatible with GNU / Linux and written with Electron that will allow us to access the content offered by this service without resorting to the web browser.

To offer it in a format compatible with Deepin we have compiled the source code of the application and later we package it in .deb format.


As is our custom we have added the application to our repository Deepines ; The same that you must first add to the system and then be able to install it through synaptic or the terminal with the command.

sudo apt update && sudo apt install netflix-desktop

Descargar “Deepines Store” deepines-store_1.3.3_amd64.deb – Descargado 54086 veces – 4 MB

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Nicolas Smiriglia
Nicolas Smiriglia (@nicolassmiriglia)
1 año atrás

a wonder I recently asked for just this program that I used in another distro. It even runs faster. I already removed the other distros from my nootebok, header deepin.

Emily (@emily)
1 año atrás

It is excellent, it allows me to see my movies in 4k very grateful guys. I hope you continue to do wonderful things in this great community.

Ramon Milian
Ramon Milian (@ramonmilian)
1 año atrás

Very well designed and fast, I like it, thanks for sharing it with everyone.

NEO-TECH (@neo-tech)
1 año atrás

Hello Car!

What a good Stand-Alone app! I really like it a lot. I wish I could enjoy many applications like this. Congratulations.

A hug


samuel Bora
samuel Bora (@samuelbora)
1 año atrás

Perfect, thanks

Esteban Alejandro
Esteban Alejandro (@estebanalejandro)
1 año atrás

Thank you very much I am a new user in linux and by far I keep this distribution, it is the best !! 😎 😀

Pablo Nicolás Baratto García
Pablo Nicolás Baratto García (@pablonicolasbarattogarcia)
1 año atrás

There is no way, in 15.10 it does not work, if you run it from the console it throws «Segmentation fault»

Yakov Lucero
Yakov Lucero (@yakovlucero)
1 año atrás

Realice una actualizacion limpia a 15.10, instale el deepines 3.0 y ya no puedo instalar netflix ni kde connect, alguna sugerencia???, lo mismo pasa para las traducciones de WPS y el diccionario en español… ayuda de favor

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
Respondiendo a  Yakov Lucero
1 año atrás

First verify that the repository has been installed correctly, run the command

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/deepines.list

and you should get the following response

deb stable main

If you do not receive this response, reinstall Deepines 3.0 because it was not installed correctly.

If you got exactly the answer above, be sure to run the command

sudo apt update

before installing each package.

These are the recommendations that I can give you guessing and assuming many things, please, when requesting help, provide the error messages and all possible details, thus making sure you get the most appropriate help possible in the shortest possible time.

youssef aboultaif
youssef aboultaif (@youssefaboultaif)
1 año atrás

Hello, the application is still down. Do you know if it will be updated at some point?

Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez (@edgar-rodriguez)
1 año atrás

Hello, I'm with Deepin 15.10.2, I perfectly installed Netflix but it tells me that the browser is no longer supported.


Oscar Interliggi
Oscar Interliggi (@oscarinterliggi)
Respondiendo a  Edgar Rodriguez
1 año atrás

Edgar rodriguez

The same thing happens to me Deepin 15.10.2


Eli (@eli)
Respondiendo a  Oscar Interliggi
1 año atrás

Oscar Interliggi

Unfortunately the article and app have been marked as obsolete and have been removed from our repository, in the future if we find an alternative we will create a new article.

Eli (@eli)
1 año atrás

Hello youssef aboultaif Y Edgar rodriguez Thanks for reporting, we are aware that the application does not work in the latest version of browsers and as you possibly know deepin 15.10 has changed many things in the system too, in a few days we will update deepines with a functional version or we will consider this article obsolete.

Thanks for participating.