Did you past that sometimes are not satisfied with the features some say; "Limited" of Deepin Files? (The default file manager in Deepin) Apparently many share that view. In fact maybe you're one of them. Although it has improved a lot lately and even promises to be better in the next version of the system which could arrive this month, Deepin Files still has several limitations. That is why today we show you how to convert the acclaimed nautilus (An alternative file manager) in your default manager thanks to the discovery of this method @yannsel active member of the community who He showed us how to do it on their forum topic. Nautilus looking at the store and install it and then follow the steps below.



First step

Open your user folder on Deepin as in the screenshot below:

Second step

At the top right of Deepin Files select "Settings" on the menu as shown in the following screen shot:

Third step

In the window that opens after you indicated in the previous step make sure you check "Show Hidden Files".

step Four

Locate the folder named ".config»Click with the right mouse and select" Properties "Then in the menu displayed select" Open in a new window as Admin "as shown below.

Fifth step

Locate and open the file "mimeapps.list'With your favorite editor (or using the command:

sudo nano mimeapps.list )

Possibly you will need to type the full path of the file.

Sixth step

Search & Comment the line in the file which looks like this:

inode / directory = dde-file-manager.desktop

by putting the number sign (#) At the beginning of the line as pictured below:

Seventh step

Add the following line:


immediately after the comment you just up in the previous step, the final product should look like this:

Now save the changes made using the feature saves your favorite to make sure the changes are maintained editor.

Eighth step

Now open your new Nautilus searches the file "mimeapps.list"Again, click with the right mouse and select" Properties "in the next window you see the" Permissions "tab and make sure that in the second line choose" Read Only "other lines on the tab must also indicate" Read only "as in the example below:

When performing indicated in the file photo Notaras "mimeapps.list"Now display a padlock icon, indicating that your file management make it read only was successful, otherwise repeat the last step until the padlock icon appears.

Ready. Nautilus have become your new default file manager in Deepin. It is noted that in the future if you decide to change any default application, such as your web browser. Then the attributes "read only" in "mimeapps.list"Deepin will be lost and will claim its own File Manager default back. To correct this simply repeat the steps in this guide. Success!


What do you think about it?

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Maverick Mclaine

Very helpful, thank you

Paulo Andrade

Ótimo post ...
É isto que eu estava trying to muito tempo.

shishir kumar

Hello Sir, This tutorials works, however in 15.7 restart after Deepin Automatically adds new default file manager With line.


Me too 🙂

michael biller

I like Deepin File Manager. The tagging function is great and I am a fan. Nautilus Seemed to handicap my Deepin installation, Truth Be Told. I tried just to see if changing it would be an improvement. Nautilus has a couple of nice features but was not the fix I was seeking. I believe Deepin File Manager will get there, Eventually. It still serves me well but it lacks some features That would make it a serious contender.

What ended up being the best solution for me was to add Nemo as a secondary file manager. I use Nemo's extended functionality When it has needed and posed no compatibility issues. If Deepin would add to system-wide viewing option and split-screen option, I would not need Nemo. Deepin a system is too good to overlook on account of These small hiccups. Deepin's tagging Keeps it feasible Because It Makes so much better file organization.

I normally would not use two 'default' file managers but it has not yet presented any problems. I Intended to use Double Commander as my secondary but I was curious to see how fair would Nemo Deepin With so I installed it to see. It has worked so well I did Consider Replacing Files With Deepin it but the tagging function preventer That from happening.

Deepin Files and Deepin Continues to Improve and is worthy of my patience. I have to eat like it That much. Also I use KDE Neon and LMDE3. Linux Mint've Had many years to mature into the operating system it is. Deepin is catching up quickly. 5.13 Plasma is a beast of a desktop environment. I can not help but be impressed with it. KDE Also Develops some of the best software there is FOSS or otherwise. KDE, like Deepin, will Have permanent spots in my system arsenal.

I have enjoyed witnessing Deepin's remarkable evolution. I think They have an incredible development team. They know I will continue to impress and it is only a matter of time before Deepin ITS Files Takes place as one of the best file managers available.

Deepin En Español

Eli excellent

Ramon Milian

Hello beautiful community! fuciona this with another file manager Dolphin? Thank you

Edwin Guzman

I apply just excellent and I worked perfectly

joa zao

Meu arquivo mimeapps.list não opens as text. As I Posso proceed to arrange isso?

My mimeapps.list not open as a text file. How I can proceed to arrange this?

Deepin 15.6

Deepin Screenshot_selecionar área_20180811143902.png
Nicolás Hernández

How do I know if yes was me Nautilus as a file manager by default, because I did all the steps and left the lock as indicated in the post, but when I go to my browser and I want to open a file (Ctrl + o) I open manager of Deepin this is that it is not by default, I guess. Why did not it work?

Oscar Losada

Hello, warm greetings. I tried Nautilus and I want to return to the default file manager. How can I do it? I tried by changing a default application and remains Nautilus. Any ideas?

Oscar Losada

Hello EliEli. Thanks for your answer. I modified the mimeapps.list and Nautilus remains the default file manager (which does not bother me at abosluto) but I managed to work Kdenlive, which was my goal to try to change manager.

Thank you very much!


Heriberto Montaño

attached image

Thiago Augusto

Thanks man, Helps to Brazilian / o /

Heriberto Montaño

Good, in the past I could always put nautilius default, today I try in my mimeapps.list file the line "inode / directory = dae-file-manager.desktop" (Annex picture) appears not me
so I decided to add the following line as the second line says on page and me but does not apply the changes and do not know how because no more about this post