We all like to have a beautiful desktop with a wallpaper to our liking and icons that make the environment in which we work every day even more personalized. Surely it has happened to you that you have searched for weeks or perhaps months for the ideal icon pack for your taste. Then you find it, you love it ... but when you install it, you notice that not all its icons are to your liking and perhaps the package does not contain custom icons for any of the applications you use, don't worry, today we will show you how to modify any icon of the system without much effort, read on.

The above can be frustrating because if you don't like one or more of the icons that you usually anchor to the application dock or it simply does not exist in said package, you may even give up using those icons. Today I bring you the solution to this dilemma, in fact I bring you two solutions in one. we will talk "MenuLibre"And also"alacarte" two Apps which help you exactly with the problem mentioned above, allow you to change any system icon regardless of the icon theme you use. You can even change the icons that have already been modified by your icon Pack.

In this article we will use "MenuLibre»As an example, but the alternative«alacarte»Is equally effective, both are available to you today in our alternative repository Deepines, Go to your official website and install it as a prerequisite to obtain the mentioned applications. once installed Deepines use one of the following commands to install one of both:

sudo apt install menulibre

sudo apt install alacarte

Change icons MenuLibre or alacarte it is extremely simple, the process is as follows:

  1. Select the icon you want to change, in my case it is the icon of an application called Lucky Backup I love the application but I hate its icon look at this:

    Strange right?

  2. That will be fixed quickly 😀; We open MenuLibre and look for the application in the menu list. You will select the program from the menu on the left and then click on the icon of the application itself, as shown below:

    Select The App, and click on the icon you want to change.

  3. In the new window you must click on the selection icon as shown in the screenshot below, then you must navigate to where you have saved the icon you want to use, as shown now:

    New icon selection.

  4. Once you have selected your new icon you will notice that the preview The icon will change according to the new icon you selected as it happened in the example below and before closing that window sure clicking "Apply»(Apply) as shown in this screenshot:

    Your new icon.

  5. Now before closing MenuLibre sure that you save your changes in their entirety, otherwise the process will not work, this is done by clicking on the "Save Launcher" icon in the upper left of MenuLibre as shown below:

    Keeps pitching.

  6. Now you just need to log out of your system and enter again, you should then see the changes reflected in your icon. If for some reason the new icon is not shown on the dock, simply delete it and anchor it again.

That's it, you have already learned to modify any system icon regardless of which icon pack you are using, keep in mind that both MenuLibre or Alacarte are almost similar applications except for some minor changes in their interface so we invite you to try both and use the preferred one. Once again remember to install Deepines for easy installation and to be able to obtain the last version of these programs.

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Otoniel Guzmán
Otoniel Guzmán (@otonielguzman)
2 años atrás

Thank you very much, Excellent contribution.

Otoniel Guzmán
Otoniel Guzmán (@otonielguzman)
Respondiendo a  Otoniel Guzmán
2 años atrás

No matter how much I look in the deepines repository, I did not find the apps, to do the sudo apt-get install

Otoniel Guzmán
Otoniel Guzmán (@otonielguzman)
Respondiendo a  Otoniel Guzmán
2 años atrás

sudo apt-get install alacarte works!

orfeo (@orfeo)
2 años atrás

Interesting! I downloaded alacarte, but I couldn't find it among the applications until I saw that it appears as "main menu".

I understand that to change an icon I have to have a folder of icons from which to choose the substitute. Where can I find an icon pack? Can you give me any suggestions?

Thank you.

Deepin en Español
Deepin en Español (@deepin-en-espanol)
2 años atrás

HelloOrpheus, basically you can use any graphic .png or .svg that you find in Google or elsewhere as an icon, you can also see a small list of icon packs in the following article: https: //deepinenespañ there you can see information where to find even more icon packs.

orfeo (@orfeo)
Respondiendo a  Deepin en Español
2 años atrás

Thanks @ deepin-en-espanol… I see that there are many search options.


Márcio Elisio Guimarães Cândido
Márcio Elisio Guimarães Cândido (@marcioelisioguimaraescandido)
2 años atrás

Thanks friend .

Tiago Castro
Tiago Castro (@tcastrocma)
10 meses atrás

Muito bom, gostei.

Yoosmel Garcia
Yoosmel Garcia (@yoosmelgarcia)
10 meses atrás

Excellent !!

Nehuen Pereyra
Nehuen Pereyra (@nehuenpereyra)
5 meses atrás

Hello, I just installed MenuLibre seems to work correctly, but from the terminal it shows the following messages
Does anyone know if it can cause problems? or the way to fix it.

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