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In recent months, we have worked to renew our knowledge base in Spanish for the Deepin operating system. After four months from last publication, We announce the official launch of the Deepin 3.0 Wiki in Spanish. It is available in Spanish, but we will release to other languages ​​in the future.

The wiki, prepared by the Deepin community in Spanish, offers a catalog with more than 600 articles (and counting), with exclusive content for the community. It will grow over time thanks to your participation and perseverance. In addition, being a wiki we incorporate a search engine for quick and efficient access.

Access the Deepin wiki in Spanish

To use this wiki, you must write the address deepinenespañ / wiki This link is accessible from the Internet browser. You can also access from the top bar in «Wiki».

What's in this version 3.0

Our best articles

For those who are eager to search for topics within the wiki, they will have as a sample:

Vista de la wiki de Deepin en Español en dispositivos móviles y de escritorio.
The Deepin Wiki in Spanish is designed for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Improvements wiki

They are several minor improvements. After migrating to a new engine / software, several topics and questions were recovered from our community. Tools to interact with the wiki were also added (there is no option for comments, that's what the forum is for 😉).

From 120 articles in May to 300 in June, it's a breakthrough. During that time our goals that we managed to achieve are:

  • The need for a Applications Guide (exclusively for community users) and offer support with Wine.
  • Give more priority to basic tutorials (based on a poll and the other group Telegram).
  • Increase the glossary (for unusual words) and avoid confusion.
  • Frequently asked questions (answered in the Telegram group).
  • Give priority to the topics that matter most (with "favorites" buttons).
  • Finally, article suggestions based on visits (in tests).

What can you find on the wiki

In the wiki you can find many resources about Deepin.

They are cataloged in: Tutorials, applications and games, glossary, customization, developer guide and others. For example, the FAQ category contains answers to questions posed by the community and a link to the article.

Be guided by the breadcrumb at the top of the page, if you want a topic from the wiki, just go to the search engine and type it. The first results are displayed instantly, highlighting the key term. If you want to find all the articles found, you must click on the notice at the bottom of the box.

Buscador de la wiki en acción.

Difference from the blog

Si te planteas para qué hacer la wiki si tenemos un blog, te equivocas. Replanteamos los temas para hacer más parecido a una enciclopedia, códex o como quieras llamar. Reducimos frases para centrarnos en acceder de artículo a otro. Tienes una explicación más detailed for you to orient yourself.

our content

On this wiki, we offer quality articles. Starting off on installing, going through the characteristics of GNU / Linux, until Using Sweet Home 3D. Each article is illustrated, nurtured with advice. In addition to links to share that helps other Deepin users learn faster.

A good article will depend on the flying of the users. You can feed it with your votes if that tutorial works, the application works, and so on. Any fault reports or suggestions, publish it in our forum.

Feel free to comment in the comments. We are open to your suggestions.

Updates to version 3.0

After the launch of the Deepin 3.0 Wiki, we announce several new features:

Update October 22, 2019

We reached more than 400 articles. Most have links to other articles. As a gift, we include our Cube tricks.

Update January 22, 2020

We have more than 500 items, as big as Beijing subway stations. Specifically Windows 7 users will have a replacements guide to facilitate migration. Also for those use the Adobe suite.

Updated November 23, 2020

We exceed 650 articles. We redesigned the more compliant interface. We add more programs to cover most needs by offering Appimage. We also expand the solutions by repairing Wifi and Bluetooth controllers. To complement this, we present a new edition of DTK. Thank you for continuing to trust the wiki of this community.

Actualización 15 de febrero de 2021

Con más de 700, para las aplicaciones se utilizará el nuevo formato de datos estructurados Schema. Consiste en dar un formato de reseña de software informático con información sobre el programa, descripción, valoración (importancia), categoría (visor de imágenes, text editor, videojuego, etcétera) y su precio. Gracias a ello, la wiki tendrá mejor representación de los programas que te importan.

Actualización 17 de febrero de 2021

Estamos trabajando para simplificar los enlaces permanentes a lo mínimo posible. A partir de ahora, la estructura cambiará de .../wiki/minitutoriales-y-consejos/reparar-conectividad-bluetooth/ a .../wiki/reparar-conectividad-bluetooth/, eliminando el texto intermedio de la URL (alias «subcarpetas»). Así podrás compartir los artículos a redes sociales o escribir la dirección con facilidad. Los enlaces a las categorías se mantienen al igual que las etiquetas.

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RealAct (@realact)
2 años atrás

Excellent what has been achieved, progress is noticeable and the aesthetics of the area have improved a lot. I have consulted our Wiki many times and got the information I needed.

Car (@car)
2 años atrás

Huge job Diego, congratulations on behalf of the entire community.

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