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This article presents a tool terminal to check the speed of your Internet connection. This can be useful to check if your ISP offers speeds actually claiming to diagnose possible problems with your Internet connection, etc.

You can use this tool running command to test your Internet speed if you want to avoid having to visit a website with ads and other inflated such as nausea speedtest.netOr if you want to measure the actual speed of your Internet server / remote machine. You can also use in scripts.

How to test the speed of loading and unloading from the terminal using Internet speedtest-cli (facilitated by speedtest.net)

The speedtest-cli It is a command line tool to test Python speed Internet using www.speedtest.net. With it you can check the speed of download and upload Internet as well as ping.

The tool has many options, including the ability to specify the server speedtest.net to check internet speed, show all available servers sorted by distance, only a test or loading. You also have the option to generate and provide a URL to the image of the result generated by speedtest.net.

To install this tool on your computer is running the following command:

Sudo apt install speedtest-cli

After installed to immediately start measuring your internet speed simply run:


The above command will return a branch detailed information about your connection, if you want basic information yet then you can achieve by adding the parameter --simple to the command as in this example:

speedtest --simple

You can see a complete list of speed test servers available Internet running:

speedtest --list

To test the speed of download and upload Internet on a specific server, copy the server ID from the -list command and use that ID as follows:

speedtest --server ID-DEL-SERVIDOR

To generate, display or share the URL to the image with the test result speedtest.net type the following command:

speedtest --share

You can also run speedtest-cli -h para ver todas las opciones disponibles. Espero te sea de utilidad. Si te gustó comenta y por favor comparte.

What do you think about it?

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Isaías Gätjens M

Thank you EliEli, Interesting and useful.


This if you did not know, thank you.


Thanks for the info Eli. I just run ...
I am surprised that tells me upload speed of 47.29 Mbit / s, while through other web upload speeds approaching 300 Mbit / s
I do not understand such a big difference ...
I've been tested on four sites: they all agree on a slope of 300 Mbit / s and a rise between 280 and 295 Mbit / s except speedtest-cli giving me now 48.32 Mbit / s
What result I can trust anymore?

Martín López

Thank you, very interesting tool.