LibreOffice 6.1.3 Deepin THEME AND BEAUTIFUL Colibre

LibreOffice 6.1.3

We have recently joined our repository Deepines the new version of LibreOffice, the most popular office software suite for GNU / Linux. To install, first you must incorporate into your system repository Deepines: Click here to install.

Then you must open a terminal and run sudo apt updateeventually you will be able to install the new version of the suite; invoking the meta package that we created for the purpose, this in turn install the application in the language of your system, together with the help and the corresponding dictionaries. Deepines in this case, we support English Portuguese; Pt-Brasil and of course the Spanish.

sudo apt install libreoffice6.1.3

topic Colibre

LibreOffice in version 6.1 implemented a song called Colibre, it was developed by Andreas Kainz and is inspired by the thememsoffice2013. Colibre comes as default theme when installing LibreOffice on Windows but not the case in the Linux version.

Colibre setting as default theme:

  • First we open any application of LibreOffice, in this case we will open Writer.
  • Now we go to menu Tools and we move to the sub-menu Options.
  • In the pop-up, I go to the View section.
  • In this section we seek Style iconsWe deploy the lower box and moved by Breeze ColibreAnd give OK.
  • Automatically or in some cases closing and reopening the application, a different look is achieved.


Note: This time, we decided not to push for a direct upgrade from deepines to the version carried by Deepin in their repositories, to give you the choice between maintaining stable version offered in the store or install the latest published by the developers of Libreoffice.

What do you think about it?

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Bruno Gama

Obrigado, é uma but I Libreoffice penalty or 6.1.3 não ter suporte to HiDPI. : /


Estou na mesma situação that Voce, vou dizer-lhe that is você install versão "Snap', Ele Supports HiDPI, embora seu cursor seemed small.

Incidentally excellent theme and excellent article CarCar.


A big hello to all the Spanish Deepin community. Little or nothing to say about this excellent office suite that is free, I have version 6.1.2 installed and activated already had this fantastic theme so rightly recomendáis. If I propose something, every time I have to update the suite to a newer version, it is impossible for me to do as an update, I always get desistalarla and install the new version. Now that is within the repository community, is it possible that the different versions are automatically updated? It would be great not to have to walk desistalando and reinstalling.
Thank you all and a strong and warm embrace for the whole community, from the plains of La Mancha, Spain.


This time I myself answer me, for I have found the solution quickly; and thus step if I can be of help to someone as great, this time to update it was enough deepines update repositories and automatically has been updated to the new version.

Thanks to Deepin Spanish team for the great opportunity offered through its repository, to get the best updated software, thanks for your hard work.

A big hug!!!

Jonathan Flores

I indicates the following
~ $ Sudo apt install libreoffice6.1.3
Reading package lists ... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information ... Done
E: Could not locate the package libreoffice6.1.3
E: Could not find any package using "*" to "libreoffice6.1.3"
E: Could not find any package with regular expression "libreoffice6.1.3"

Luis Zapana

Thank you!!


Good afternoon everyone. I had installed version 1: and I proceeded to install version When he did not appear as an update, but as a separate installation, I uninstalled the previous if conflicts with both installed versions were created. But, I find that the new version does not appear in the Launcher Deepin. Version is installed in "/ opt" in "/ usr / share / applications' the '.desktop' files of all applications in the suite and in" / usr / bin "is found" libreoffice6.1 "pointing to" /opt/libreoffice6.1/program/soffice "but I have not been able to find out how to get display in the 'Launcher' application Deepin.

Thank you in advance for your help.



I do not know as the "Launcher" works, if by file type link ".desktop" in any folder or a single file containing the applications shown, or where they are located on the system, but of course, somewhere will be configured which shows and displays Yea categories. In computer science there is no magic!


ariel campos

Very grateful for the contribution. There PPAs of ubuntu that do not work with Deepin, so deepinenespañol is a great ayuda.Gracias!