GNU / Linux distributions, and more specifically Deepin OS, are very stable and robust systems. However, if we do not use it responsibly, over time, errors will appear that greatly harm the user experience. To avoid this, and ensure that you have the best experience possible in Deepin, we will offer you several useful tips:


  • Install from trusted and known sources preferably. Enter the official Deepin application repository. Its catalog of programs is very wide. Also, the repository of the Hispanic community ( Deepines 2.0 ), complements the latest versions of many more popular applications, and adds some that are not in the Deepin International catalog.
  • Keep updated equipment. Not only for the new functionalities that are added in the new versions, but also, for the reduction of failures and elimination of certain vulnerabilities. In Deepines we recommend always doing it through a terminal with sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade , since, in this way, we avoid dependency errors that can be generated in updates.
  • In the post installation guide [watch] You have a series of commands and utility packages so that you leave your system with a good setup. IMPORTANT NOTE: If your Deepin does not have video failures, I would not recommend changing the video driver. Remember the saying: "If something works, better not touch it"
  • Modify parts of the system without knowledge it usually leads to serious errors in the operating system. An easy way to warn that what we are going to do may cause damage, is that what you are going to do requires a password to continue the operation. For these types of modifications, the best thing you can do is to guide you through articles on the website of Deepin in Spanish , as well as seeking help from the Hispanic Deepin Telegram group by addressing you you here
  • Have the least amount of software possible. The more software you have installed, the greater chances that errors will occur in your system or applications.
  • Better to use native deepin software (Deepin music, Deepin video, ...). They are always going to integrate better than an external program and generally offer an experience close to the best of the alternatives.
  • Low-income teams. If your team is in this category and you are interested in using the desktop, you could consider disabling the windows effects (Blur) to reduce the consumption of ram and video a little.
  • System Backups. If you have followed the previous steps, you should hardly find errors on your computer, but it never hurts to secure, saving your data and / or the settings of your PC from time to time. For this, there are multiple options for synchronization and automatic backup creation. A fantastic tool for this purpose is Timeshift. Remember: cautious man, worth two.

bonus tips

The following tip is not properly about something that can harm the health of your operating system, but it can affect your user experience. Especially, to those who have a more modest computer. Although, a web browser offers the possibility of having several tabs open at the same time, the truth is that the more tabs, the greater the RAM consumption of the processor. A possible solution to this problem is the use of extensions that store the tabs of your browser, such as the case of OneTab (available for both Firefox and Chrome).

One Tab

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Adelmo Ferraz
Adelmo Ferraz (@adelmoferraz)
1 año atrás

Please to minha Deepin store is empty, nao I can update, I need help!

Learchman (@learchman)
1 año atrás

Brilliant! I just installed it on Chromium and Firefox and I like it.

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