The project Deepin plans for future versions develop an application that can natively interact with a smartphone.

For now we can use the familiar KDE Connect which will allow us to interact with Android from your desktop via WiFi and do many interesting things with.

Connect KDE features

  • Share in the clipboard: Useful for transferring long and complicated texts.
  • File Sharing: Access and share files from / to your Android devices.
  • Shared notifications: KDE Connect sends all notifications on your smartphone to your computer.
  • Post URLs to your desktop Linux from your smartphone.
  • Use your phone as an input device (such as a mouse, touchpad or keyboard) and / or presenter.
  • multimedia remote control: use your phone as a remote control to control media players.
  • Check the battery level phone from the desktop.
  • Send and receive pings to / from devices.
  • Send SMS from your desktop.
  • Find your lost phone by touching an alarm sound.
  • Remotely execute console commands.
  • RSA encryption: your information is safe.

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Accesos directos de KDE Connect

To use it we carried in our repository deepines a package that displays the dependencies needed for successful installation and operation. Once installed and updated repository cited above. proceeds to install from Synaptic or the terminal with the command.

sudo apt install indicator-kdeconnect 

Remember that you must download the client from Android Play Store for both devices then match.

Enjoy it!


What do you think about it?

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Thanks, I'll try again using deepines and the steps that you show here, the last time I did not work well, possibly by a faulty installation.


In Synaptic package manager he tells me that the package is broken and terminal which has broken dependencies.


Besides wanted to ask if it worked with KDE integration Bowser?


Thank you very much'm new registered but have long looked at me the website of this great set.

Yesid Herrera Doria

Hello, the application does not allow me to send files or access the folders on my mobile phone, other functions are ok. I am currently using Deepin 15.11. Nor do I get no error message, simply nothing happens.



Hi, welcome to the forum, the article has more than two years of writing, it is possible that the package indicator-kdeconnect it is no longer compatible with the current, for text and MMS version Deepin from your PC I recommend SendLeap and to send and receive files between your phone and PC I recommend SendAnywhere or AirDroidboth they have Linux clients for the last time I tried worked well in Deepin.


Isaías Gätjens M

Hello, I do the same thing happens to you, but to transfer files between your phone and computer and vice versa, plus many more administrative functions, rather aritmore - - on AirDroid, it is lighter, faster, stable and does not insist on the need to create an account like AirDroid.

I prefer to use a web client on the computer because it always works for me and not to get down to install anything on the computer.