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In the last hours we have heard a somewhat unpleasant rumor for all Deepin Linux lovers. According to a video uploaded to YouTube (And we are not going to put links because our objective here is not to promote rumors) The Deepin store is sending information through an encrypted tunnel to Chinese companies known for spreading "Spyware".

When requesting information about the system developers (Well, who better to ask?), The official response by "Hualet Wang" one of the developers was the following:

«It's just like Google Analytics, and it's used to do data analyzes, basically how many active daily users. As you can see deepin AppStore is the best AppStore in Linux world, because we put efforts on it, we hire people to maintain and operate it. »


It's just like Google Analytics, and it's used todata analysis, basically allows to see how many active users we have daily. As you can see, the Deepin App Store is the best AppStore in the Linux world because we put a tremendous effort into it, we hire staff to maintain and operate it. »

The company has also made available a Official statement where you can see an extensive explanation about it.

Obviously the intention of Deepin is not to put spyware on our systems or steal our information. In fact it is not doing it at all. Deepin's code is open and free, anyone can see it, it can be reviewed with the strictest methods and so far nothing negative has ever been discovered in its source code. Had there been something similar a long time ago we would have found out. Please don't pay attention to those who only write stuff to earn hits and money.

Furthermore, Deepin is a permanent, official and complete member of the GNU Linux Foundation and until now it has always respected all its regulations and statutes.

Deepin Do not is spyware!

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