This time we will try to describe the process and some tips that will allow us successful and Proper installation of the operating system Deepin on any computer. This guide focuses on recent versions and always receive your question there.

Prepare the installer

As a first step we will proceed to download the image ISO. If you are in Windows you can burn the ISO image DVD from the same browser or create boot drive (bootear) On a USB stick:

  • Download Rufus to generate it in a USB memory (Note that in the application menu you must choose the combination Bios for MBR and GPTorUEFI for GPT depending on the configuration of your computer).
  • Download UNetbootin, Used in the video tutorial. It is multiplatform.
  • Linux terminal method: dd bs=4M if=[ubicaciondeiso] of=/dev/sd[x] status=progress && sync
botear usb para instalación con unetbootin

Clean installation

If you want Deepin install, simply insert the USB drive or DVD ready. Considers that the PC meets the requirements. Follow the instructions for the language, time, place and ready installation. If the machine is Windows, Continues this tutorial to install as a second operating system.

Make room for Deepin

There are ways to install the operating system, one of the more doubts claimed. The boot drive offers advanced partition manager to organize the installation. For Windows, you can use your administrator to use the dual boot.

a) From Windows

To do this, we must right-click on the Start menu and then select or search the, Disk Management tool option that lets you modify existing partitions. Basically what is sought is to shrink some of them for space to install the new system.

The ideal scheme in any system Windows It would be a partition C: where the system is installed and D:Generally larger where a user consents to save your files away from the system and the dangers that this entails. That said, you decide where to take space; you should note that the operation may fail if the unit to resize this little space; presents fragmentation or sectors with data errors; in which case you must draw on tools defragment and repair Windows units.


b) From Deepin

Suele ocurrir que a pesar de tomar las medidas mencionadas para operando desde Windows, éste no permita hacerlo. No quedará de otro que recurrir a este medio. En este caso inicias con la memoria usb creada anteriormente. Y en lugar de «Instalar», al aparecer el menú, eliges la segunda opción (safemode) It shall start a Deepin desktop that lets you start GParted to resize or create the partitions you want.

Types particiones

There are many styles of partitioning, some based on old traditions that do not currently offer an advantage basically GNU / Linux It requires a few to function properly. In the basic installation Deepin automatically sets the root, home and swap area.

Raiz (/)

Their existence is mandatory, this is where the system and all the software you add later will be installed. It is advisable to be a good size with ext4 and primary partitioned system.

Or swap swap partition

Si posees 8 GB de RAM o mas puedes prescindir de ella, a no ser que realices trabajos mus específicos que obliguen al equipo a rebasar su RAM; otro de los casos en que podrías requerir de ella es si usas hibernación, ya que el sistema vuelva aquí los archivos de respaldo necesarios antes de entrar en este modo. Deepin recomienda no dar mas de 2 GB de RAM a esta partición. «Recuerda que esto no es RAM y no hace que tu equipo rinda mas (Todo lo contrario) simplemente es una reserva de oxigeno que en algunos casos puede evitar o demorar la muerte súbita por falta de recursos».

Home or user partition

In our view it is a somewhat outdated concept. You will hear arguments in favor of it and here my files and settings are safe and both are correct. What is also true it is that it is prone to be corrupted partition problem or store settings and corrupt at all is recomensable reuse if the system is reinstalled "much less share it with other systems." Later in future articles, we will explain safer to preserve your files and settings in Deepin alternatives.

extra partition

If you want to preserve your files, create and have saved partition it is always the best alternative to Home. This is valid in GNU / Linux, Windows or any other operating system. We recommend that whenever possible is a primary partition being enclosed within an extended; thus ensuring its independence from any eventuality.

One advantage of this; It is able to use it are shared with one or more other systems in dual boot with either Windows or other Linux distributions.

If you are using Windows and Linux we recommend you establish a NTFS primary, large (the known drive D:) And give a monolithic name. Example: Data or Files. You can also monitor and hold off fragmentation from Windows tools, impossible task from Linux.

Avoid using two words to partitions of your PC. We explain why in the following lines.

If instead you use Deepin or several GNU / Linux distributions, the best option is a primary EXT4, Large and named as is explained above.

By now you wonder why these recommendations. First have a separate unit, unrelated systems allow your files to survive a possible failure or destruction of the system, also is a task very simple to make an address re your personal folders (Downloads, Music, Videos, Documents etc.) to the unit you want and if we talk about safeguarding configurations, we have the possibilities offered by tools likeDeepin Clone Y Repair.

Boot or boot partition

This partition is not mandatory and may be omitted; if so it will be included and mounted automatically by the installer, within the root system partition.

Currently we recommend if your computer is a laptop, prone to shutdowns for battery drain since it is that is a good measure to prevent data errors and the appearance of the messageinitramfswhich is nothing more than a shell terminal, which invites to review errors in disk sectors; Same they generated because the system does not pipe the opportunity to run their normal shutdown process.

Installation videotutorial

For those who are complicated to follow the instructions, we share this video tutorial. We recommend installation play this video from a mobile device.

Already he installed Deepin? Visit the guide post-installation

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He learned the better ProgramacionMBProgramacionMB B)

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Hello AvatarSamir There are two tools that may help you in your situation:




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