Halo Icons:is a pack of icons created to give Deepin a modern and elegant appearance, which are adapted to GTK applications as well as to Deepin Native applications. In addition, Halo icons give Deepin a touch of the more Mac style, but with its differentiating touch.

In collaboration with: Car&JHaloWe have created a new look based on the classic Halo look.

Halo icons 2.1.1 for Deepin

Updated list of icons:

  • Dolphin
  • Deepin file manager
  • monodevelop
  • Qbittorret
  • Disk
  • Gparte
  • Teamviewer
  • whatsapp
  • Simple Screen Recorde
  • Deepin Calculator
  • Firefox
  • Deepin Manual
  • openshot
  • Etc.

Redesigning Dock icons:

  • Disk (Yellow color)
  • Wifi (Color blue)
  • Cable network (Multicolored)
  • Volume(Color depends on the volume)


Redesigning folders:

The folders were all Redesigns to give the icons a better look:

Halo folder icons 2.1


This is what common folders will look like:

common folders

install Halo

We must have the repository installed before:Deepines

We open the terminal Deepin:

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


Then to install Halo:

sudo apt install halo-icon-theme

Installing Halo icons

With this we only have to look for the icons in the Personalization / Theme / icons / Halo

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maynor hercules
maynor hercules (@maynorhercules)
2 años atrás

No I get to put it

Lucas (@lucas)
2 años atrás

I really like the icons, but I'm not convinced by the common folders. How could I change them?

Mel Trompiz
Mel Trompiz (@meltrompiz)
2 años atrás

The best Distro I have tried, I barely knew about it, I eliminated ubuntu out of hand, always so complicated.

Эли (@eli)
Answering to Mel trompiz
2 años atrás

Welcome to Deepin and also to our community Mel trompiz

Simone Boldrin
Simone Boldrin (@simoneboldrin)
2 años atrás

Hi everyone, I can't install this HALLO 2.1.1 icon set, or rather I can install but I have version 1.9.1
How can I install the new version?
Obviously I installed deppines repository 2
Thanks to those who can answer me.

Car (@car)
Answering to Simone Boldrin
2 años atrás

Uninstall Halo then sudo apt update && sudo apt install halo-icon theme

Yohander Marquez
Yohander Marquez (@yohandermarquez)
2 años atrás

Hello, someone help me, how could I eliminate this issue, to reinstall it since it marks an error when trying to update it, I have version 1.9. Specifically the error is this `/usr/share/icons/Halo/actions/22/.directory.dpkg-new ': The file or directory does not exist

Javier Igartua
Javier Igartua (@javierigartua)
1 year ago

Alejandro, you as always a teacher, thank you for your work !!

Fabio Andres Pino Gutierrez
Fabio Andres Pino Gutierrez (@fabiogutierrez)
9 meses atrás

Good afternoon, it is still not possible to check if it works for Deepin 20, it still needs to update the installation debit for the unofficial repositories, which I assume will be version 4, it is currently on version 3.