What is Plex?

The best media for your media server

Plex It is a multimedia playback system and client-server software package that consists of two main components. The desktop application Plex Media Server la cual se ejecuta en dispositivos compatibles con Linux, Windows y MacOS, (incluidos algunos tipos de dispositivos NAS). Dicha aplicación organiza el vídeo, el audio y las fotos de las colecciones de un usuario y los hace disponible en línea, permitiendo a los usuarios acceder y transmitir los contenidos desde cualquier parte del mundo. Y el componente de Official customers. Hay clientes oficiales (Apps) disponibles para dispositivos móviles, televisores inteligentes y cajas de streaming tales como Roku, así como muchas alternativas de terceros.
The "magic" of
Plex es que lo reproduzcas donde lo reproduzcas, todos tus vídeos se mostrarán convenientemente organizados en un catálogo incluyendo toda la información de las películas, series y sus carteles, es como tu Netflix personal.


First steps

Before you begin installing Plex Media Server, we strongly recommend to check that your media collection has been named and organized in a way that understands Plex is recommended. Otherwise, you may notice that the content is not recognized, it does not coincide or not at all.

You may already be naming and organizing your multimedia files a form suitable for Plex. Here are the important things:

  • Movies can be grouped under a (library) folder type "movies", the television programs in a folder type "TV series," etc.
  • Movie files should contain Name of the movieand heRelease year taking the year in brackets and should be named as follows:
  • Episodes of TV shows are named with the season and episode as in the following example:
  • Episodes of TV programs are stored in a folder under his own path as follows:
  • For television, the folder structure can be very important. Be sure to have presentation folders containing folders season and under these folders containing episodes.


We have made the installation and future upgrades Plex Media Server in Deepin extremely easy by adding a .deb package to our repository Deepines, So download Deepines from the button below:



Download Information ...

7.19 KB 14802 downloads

Once downloaded and installed Deepines please proceed to install Plex on your machine by running the following commands:

update && sudo apt sudo apt install plexmediaserver

So easy is instarlar Plex through Deepines, Another advantage as we said is that in the future will not have to worry about updating Plex as it is automatically updated from Deepines every time you update your system.


Web Interface

Todo muy bien ¿y ahora qué? preguntarás; ¿dónde esta mi Plex? El servidor Plex en Linux no tiene una interfaz gráfica, pero en su lugar una poderosa interfaz web que te permite configurar todos los aspectos del servidor así como comenzar a crear bibliotecas con todas tus películas, series de TV, Música y fotos. Para acceder a dicha interfaz abre tu navegador y dirígete al siguiente URL:

Also you might have to open the web interface by changing the IP address in the URL example above the IP of the machine where you installed Plex, say that the IP on the local network of the machine is: then would access the web interface using the following URL:

Once opened, you will find the configuration Guider Plex, If you do not have an account At this point you need to create an access to the server configuration by choosing one of the options available, or if you already have an account simply sign in:

Create Account or Login

Immediately after you create or login to your existing account you will find a welcome screen similar to this. Here we push the button "I HAVE IT!" (In some cases could say: "Understood!).

Click! I HAVE IT!

The setup wizard

Once you have taken this step, a wizard will start from the same browser that will configure the server you have on your PC. You will give a name, and then have to choose the folders you want to work that server.

Configure the server

Para comenzar a agregar medios a tu servidor, presionamos sobre el botón “añadir biblioteca”, al hacer esto se nos desplegará una ventana emergente con distintas opciones para seleccionar, ya sea una película, una serie, más fotos u otro tipo de videos. Para efectos de la guía, seleccionaré otros videos. 

Select a type of media

Then you click on the "Next" button and you must navigate to the folder where the server you want to add video or video.

Browse to find the videos you want to add to the server

With the folder entered, we expect Plex do a scan of metadata and when this process is finished, click on the orange button "Next" to conclude the process configuration media server. After adding all your videos, movies and TV and return to the main page of the web interface really all your content available there to look there or for streaming from anywhere in the world.

The web interface Plex

using Plex

El siguiente paso es instalar el reproductor Plex Media Player, en tu SmartTV, Teléfono Inteligente, Roku, Amazon Stick, Playstation, XBox, Android, Windows, iOS y tvOS, etc etc. No hay ningún secreto aquí, sólo tienes que buscar ‘Plex’ en la App Store de cada sistema y tendrás las aplicaciones al instante.

To play the contents of Plex Media Server from another computer with Linux, MacOS or Windows only need your browser and use the web interface but if you wish there are apps for them too.

A typical example of the interface looks like a SmartTV Plex, streaming box and other devices is as follows:

Plex for Roku interface

adding users

Administrator Plex It has the ability to create managed users inside your home. Parents often use them to create an account for your children, for example. Each user is independent and can not see the contents of other users and only the libraries that the administrator has enabled it to be accessible. Beam to create a user click on the tool icon in the top left of the web interface.

Select the icon of tools for advanced options

Then you can create managed in the customer area of ​​Plex Web App users. It is accessed from Settings / Home Users / Add User.

Add or remove users from your Plex

Plex offers countless options to enjoy and share your media with family and friends as well as a way to enjoy yourself from anywhere in the world, we hope this guide is of good use when installing and configuring Plex.

It is impossible to cover all options and facets Plex in a single article, it would become extremely long, so that in the future we will create other tutorials on other advanced options and tricks Plex. Any questions or if you see something wrong in this guide do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

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Comprehensive guide, I used Emby, but Plex looks very good.

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The problem I have with Plex is that we always forget where they are located my libs, as I can fix that?


Thank you!! Now I can organize my all my xxx jajaj XDXDXD; Eli Tuto good greetings


Very good is it really free?