Privacy Policy on the website

This is the main terms of service and privacy policy the website Deepin in Spanish (And its alternative names for reasons of language). It consists of a series of rules and policies on use, Articles, Forum and authorized services.
This page explains the privacy policy. For terms of use and guarantees consult the respective page. Do not forget other informative details find special page.


In the interest of fostering a transparent and welcoming community, the terms of use were created. It is also known as contract. To specify the participants and contributors to the community, simply call Users. For the authorities or administrators of the Deepin Community in Spanish, we simplified to "administration“.

Our web address is: https: //deepinenespañ This website belongs to Deepin community in SpanishInitially created by volunteer fans in Latin America. By accepting allow (or give consent) the privacy policy on the website.

Clarification: If the data are used for the service to work, whenever public, do not need user approval; Any other use, yes.

For unregistered visitors


The cookies browser files are showing shared data between the website and the computer. We use it mainly to keep the user session. Cookies (or biscuits) are disposable once the user logs off.

To enjoy the most of our online community, you need to activate cookies. For more information visit our wiki. If you visit internet from a pay phone, you can revoke at any time.


The web provides the notification service for new publications. The user will have that if you turn feature from the pop-up or pressing the bell icon. When enabled, the browser will receive notifications pending. The instructions are indicated in the window as well as the service provider. This feature can be disabled from the settings.

Visitor Control

With the help of cookies and user agents we have a history of visitors for statistical purposes. This control is provided using a service implemented locally (see final section). This will help us improve the quality of the contents published and to know if there is interest our projects. These will be preserved for historical purposes.

It should be noted that the control is not public and We limit individual information only store statistics visitor interest. Such essential statistics are as follows:

  • The country visit, The browser nameand heOS.
  • The Search Origin to check interest with certain types of content from an external search engine.
  • The use of sugerncias search (To qualify the efficiency of internal search of the wiki, for example).
  • The Source URL to distinguish if we visit our social networks or third parties.

Use of incentives

Some services that interact with the community allows guests to use without being registered. We call these fall into the responsibility of the user. By participating, you allow the information to be stored indefinitely to avoid duplication of data. For example, the IP address for each vote in polls or email to receive newsletters.

Using comments and / or post

If visitors leave comments on the website, we collect the data displayed in the feedback form, as well as the visitor's IP address and user agent string browser to help detect spam.

An anonymous string created from your email address (also called hash) can be provided to the Gravatar service to see if you're using. After approval of your comment, the image of your profile is visible to the public in the context of his comments. The link to the privacy policy of the service is in the final section.

Additionally, comments or publications are translatedThrough software, to expand the scope of the international public. Subject to errors.

For registered users

To use Deepin forums in Spanish you need a user account. Registration starts from the confirmation of the account as the email address. In addition, forms hook (or honeypot) are added to prevent registration by bots.

Explanatory note: Private information is not shared, sold or used for political or commercial purposes. However, the email and the user account will be identified in case of unauthorized access and notified to the owner. This does not guarantee complete security, as you can see in the following paragraphs.

public and private information

When you register a user account will use additional information to identify the account. Among them are the name, email, avatar, contact, country, computer and user subutítulos.

If you upload any material on the web You should be aware with the use of metadata that you could affect future. Forums allow you to upload files with information about the date, location data (eg, GPS and EXIF) or irrelevant details. Site visitors could download and extract any data that would be exploited in circumstances outside the community. We recommend avoiding content up with that kind of metadata.

Remember that if you find a vulnerability in the CMS system, let us know what the page as soon as possible Contact us.

Public information

In general, in addition to the name and profile public store user information for communication purposes. Comments are also assigned to the forum and already published articles. Data is stored within the web, even for historical purposes. These data are:

  • Member Title
  • Avatar (picture)
  • biographical text (About)
  • Website link
  • Occupation
  • Firm
  • Address social networks
  • Schedule (Country)
  • Time zone
  • And other details that you can share with the community.

Note: In the event that the account is destroyed, the publications will be linked to the "Account deleted", a generic name for the management of the Deepin community in Spanish.

Private information

E-mail, user preferences, and data messages labeled "confidential" are private. In the case of messages, unless they were encrypted from end to end, They could be read by the software to prevent spam, illegal content or altering server security.

Data control

Besides offering a better experience, we will use the user registration to define our demographics and content that is posted on this site.

If you have an account or have left comments on this website, you can request to receive an export file of personal information we hold about you, including any data you have provided us. You can also request that we delete any personal information we have about you. This does not include any data that we are obliged to keep administrative, legal or security purposes.

To control user information, you must access this link: https://deepinenespañ


Cookies are files browser that displays data shared between the website and the computer. That's for your convenience, so you do not have to re fill your data when you leave another comment, for example. These cookies will last for one year. Some cookies are disposable once the user logs off.

In addition to the traditional logon, users can use the credentials of their social networks to register and login. By using this system, you are responsible for being aware of the technical changes we make, including permissions.

Attempts to prevent denial-of-service attack (DDoS), the failed logons and those admitted will be recorded by a security tool (See separate section). This mode helps administrators to block access to abusive IPs or overloaded servers the community.


We will take into consideration of those court orders, such as the illegal use of content. We have an obligation to report that information we are sharing at this website. We try to limit the shared use of data as possible.

We can also make reports with statistical information publicly available content. In between them are visits to the website, the number of comments, forum users, among others.

Participation in creating articles

For creating items, date data and history they are stored, plus we follow a briefarticles convention. Provided you have an appropriate user account, the privilege of creating articles is liability of directors.

Data minors

Our community is not focused on young audiences, you should not use this service if you are under thirteen (13) years of age. If you want to participate you must ask a relative or guardian to create an account and who will manage the information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

In the event that administrators make very important changes, the privacy policy will apply up to one (1) week after the announcement. You are responsible for checking the updates that we will notify in the community and via email.

If data migration, specify the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website, responsible for the web service and the data will be migrated to future versions.

Thirdparty services

This website uses complementary services to enhance the experience with our users. Including security services and recommendations. These services are subject to change: