Deepin in Spanish It is a community project and broadcast is appreciated. For that we have established a license to define the rights and obligations to disseminate material of our community in various media.

This license protects our content syndication from undue apoderaciones, plagiarism or illegal intentions. That means that the material is not in the public domainSo you must accept the conditions below.

The legal note to Deepin in Spanish:

(C) 2017-2018 Deepin in Spanish. Some rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, the content published on the website, wiki and multimedia materials on behalf of the community They are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Use of this License requires to attribute the author and limits public community content.

If you want a copy of the license check

Summary liencia


Licencia Creative Commons
Creative Commons Attribution-Share-

As is mentioned in the beginning of the article, our material is low Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For practical purposes, "License CC-BY-SA 4.0".

Summary of clauses

  • A broadcast content you must indicate:
  • The license is irrevocable. Therefore, you can not eliminate the source of the original material or change the author.
  • You can not mix other material that is not under a compatible license (copyleft or Share Alike).
  • It is allowed to express with words:
    • «All rights reserved". (default).
    • «Some rights reserved". (Indicating that it is under Creative Commons).
  • If a picture or video, you can not make derived from this material under restrictive or proprietary licenses (such as commercial media).
  • You do not have permission to sublicense the material. Ie have no right to be the owner of the original material.
  • No endorsement: The Community It has no legal connection, support or warranties who use the material under this license. Ie are not responsible for any particular use and / or harmful intent.


In this section we indicate the coverage of this license:

  • Articles officially signed by Deepin in Spanish.
  • Manuals, special pages, the site publications produced by the team.
  • The wiki (Knowledge Base).
  • Images and videos gazetted under the brand "Deepin in Spanish."

Other materials listed below do not cover the Creative Commons. Therefore, you are not allowed to use it without prior agreement, the case, authors or administrators:

  • Content posted personally by the participants without announce on behalf of Deepin in Spanish. This includes publications forum.
  • Moral rights of the members of the community. If you want to indicate a (a) user (a), you should ask permission first.
  • private and sensitive content. More information on Privacy Policy.

Third-party content does not cover this license:

  • Deepin and its logo are trademarks of Wuhan Deepin Tecnology. Used for illustrative purposes. To officially use at events, It is necessary to request authorization in advance.
  • Multimedia material embedded non-Deepin in Spanish. For example, Youtube channels labeled under "Standard License Youtube" or wallpapers.
  • Deepin software is licensed under GPLv3 or higher. The icon set Marea, Dexter and Halo are licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 3. The source code is in Github.
  • Additional material web. Support images are courtesy of Unplash Y Pixabay.


We will take legal action if the conditions of Creative Commons and other licenses is not met.Specifically when it is not attributed to the author, disseminate private content, sublicense content infringes identity, among others.


Text complete

The full and legal use text is available in (The English version is converva). Also you can check our wiki.

Why use this License

Our license is keeping a philosophy of sharing free knowledge ensuring that our material contribution in a literary, artistic or technological area for the advancement of humanity. Thanks to the mass media, people can learn and develop knowledge. One of the standards, to take one example, is Free Cultural Works.

To find a balance and reward for us, our license has certain conditions. It's like contribuyeras promoting the community, to have recognition, generate replication with greater range and generate better content. Therefore, this type has a purpose and we do it very carefully. Even we not attach to materials other use that is not "published" and authorized by us.

Why copyleft

As additional data, to prevent means "advantage" license and "blanquen" the author of the material, the license requires that each "contribution" covered by the license continue as it is. The community owns the material, you can reuse content without prior notice to improve.

For example, if an article is published with more contributions in a magazine, with modified lines, we could use it to Deepin in Spanish and improve our writing, with due atribucición.

In addition, copyleft license prohibits mixing content 'restricted' to our material. Ie can not add copyrighted images or use non-free software. That is, if the TV program you want to use the material to make a reading, it is not possible; at the least that the said space is under a compatible license. For details resorts to the FSF article or the full text of the license.

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