Notice donations

If you like Deepin in Spanish, you must understand that it is a project without a lucrative purpose. Before joining the group, please consider that we are doing it to improve the experience of this operating system. To avoid scams of any kind, we do not offer services in exchange for money directly with the organization.

Deepin in Spanish is being self-financed without direct relationship with Deepin Wuhan Technology. We are funded by pre-authorized donations and advertisements. Please, if you find any kind of suspicious donation, report them as SCAM or scam to avoid future accusations.

About donations to the Deepin community in Spanish

The page is accessible from the corresponding button. The service is offered by PayPal, being completely voluntary and irreversible, and is subject to the Privacy Policy. Donations are processed in dollars. Any questions you can ask on the page Contact.

From October 2020 you can make a donation to Icon Networks, responsible for the hosting service of the platform. Any financing is appreciated, as it covers the costs of:

  • Servers to keep everyone accessible.
  • Forum software, the wiki, the Deepines complementary repository, the store and our Deepin Mirror, accessibility improvements and web security.
  • Maintenance and payment of licenses associated with the services and software that run other areas of the platform. For example: Cloudflare, CDN, CPanel, Payment Plugins, domain renewal etc.

In general, donations are registered in the own database to know the status of payments, so try to be cautious when entering personal information. We use email only to check if the donation was successful. Optionally, you can enter a comment explaining why you want to donate to motivate the team to develop improvements in any section.

About donations to Deepin

This idea was already planned in Comments Deepin at the end of 2017. However, in version 15.5, in 2018, the option was not activated. Instead, a forum topic or thread was posted justifying the position and how it will help develop new features.

To expand donations to international users, He opened a Paypal account. That option, as we repeat again, is to add new functions. It is not required nor is it a barrier to using the operating system.

From our part, we do not receive commissions nor are we asking. In the event that the company offers monetary rewards for participating in its institutional activities, we will report it separately.