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In the community Deepin in Spanish , Information is vital to our users. We want to be aware of the rules, transparency and collaborative team announcements. For that we have the legal and important information on the environment around us. This page will grow with time thanks to holdings of users.
So, feel free to review and comment on social networks or forum. Until then, do not forget to visit regularly changes the rules of the community.
Remember, only officially announced revised pages in the community to avoid falling into the phishing.

Important note: The brand and "Deepin 'logo is owned by Deepin Wuhan Technology Co., Ltd. Used with permission under the purpose of "unofficial use".

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If you want to contact us, we a form about.

information pages

About the web and us

A section dedicated to users, developers, administrators and those involved in the community. In addition, we have a Projects Y Special thanks.

The list is regularly updated. Some are experimental and others stable and integrated on the web.

About group chat

In this community we have a group to carry out conversations and attentions as soon as possible. This brings together new contributions for the web with rules. In addition, it is an area to socialize among Deepin users.

mandatory allocation: Deepin in Spanish, deepinenespañ

Terms of Use

An explanation of the terms of use and prohibitions.


Another explanation on how data is managed.


A summary of the copyright and CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

Other points

An annex of other details of interest in community communication.

Among them: the article writing convention (since April 2018), the donation notice (written in April 2018), and the Deepines repository disclaimer (written May 2018).

Además, añadidos en mayo de 2019 anunciamos la descontinuación de actualizaciones para Deepin 15.10 y anteriores basados en Debian Sid (inestable).