Llave de seguridad Spotify

AVISO: Spotify está ahora disponible en nuestra Tienda y Repositorio Deepines si instalas desde allí no tendrás el problema de las llaves.

In the current version of Deepin 15.11 the security key is absent in the system which produces an error when using the application Spotify. This happens due to a production failure at the time of the creation of the .ISO end of current version of operating system (12/24/2019).

To solve this problem our friend @car gave us the solution some time ago. Please follow his instructions in the following video:

The file necessary to fix the problem must be placed in the following path as shown in the video above:


You can download it from the following link by accepting the terms and clicking on "Download Click Here"then select where you want to save it on your system. The file is in the format .GPG So it is ready to download and then move it to the path indicated above. Here is the key:

Spotify key

Descargar “Llave De Spotify” spotify-2019-07-15-4773BD5E130D1D45.gpg – Descargado 958 veces – 1 KB

Ready, that should solve the problem of the message that is displayed when doing updates in the terminal after having installed Spotify on your system.

Once this procedure is done with the security key you will not receive more the message to update your system.

NOTE: Aunque el video muestra 2 llaves, en este momento solo es necesario agregar una sola como explicamos arriba.

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Maverick Mclaine
Maverick Mclaine (@maverickmclaine)
2 años atrás

super useful thank you very much

epicazo (@epicazo)
2 años atrás

Hola, para Deepin 15.7 segui los pasos pero no puede funcionar spotify, marcar error de llaves y me lo desactivo, ayuda por favor

Roddivi (@carlosalejandrodiazcastelan)
11 meses atrás

It is not easier because it is not done alone, thank you very much.

Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz
Carlos Cifuentes Ortiz (@carlos-cifuentes-ortiz)
2 años atrás

Hello, I just saw in Google+ the existence of Deepin in Spanish in Telegram, therefore I downloaded Telegram to my notebook. This distribution is wonderful, beautiful, excellent fonts, huge variety of correctly classified applications. Well I hope to receive your suggestions and share experiences with this marvel of Chinese operating system.

tituzz (@tituzz)
2 años atrás

Very good tutorial !! Thanks for sharing it since it helped me when reinstalling Deepin 15.6
Thanks also for the help you give us in the Telegram group !!
Greetings from Argentina

Francisco Luis Acosta Hernández
Francisco Luis Acosta Hernández (@franciscohernandez)
Respondiendo a  Эли
2 años atrás

Good morning Eli, greetings from Colombia, I would like to know can you help me to tell me, how can I do to fix the problem of the Spanish language in WPS I have the latest version of deepin, 15.7, thank you for your attention.

what comes out:

carlosgraph7 (@carlosgraph7)
Respondiendo a  Francisco Luis Acosta Hernández
2 años atrás

1. Install the deepines repository.

Double click after download.

2. Open the terminal and type: sudo apt update
(it will ask for the user password).

3. then: sudo apt install wps-fix-en
and then: sudo apt install wps-dicc-es
(en cada paso deja que termine los procesos)

4. Enjoy.

daniel ortiz lira
daniel ortiz lira (@danielortizlira)
2 años atrás


Francisco Luis Acosta Hernández
Francisco Luis Acosta Hernández (@franciscohernandez)
Respondiendo a  Эли
2 años atrás

Eli, thank you very much, it works perfectly

Badino Android
Badino Android (@badinoandroid)
1 año atrás

As of today, September 14, 2019 it works!

luigii (@luigii)
1 año atrás


galo leocadio
galo leocadio (@galoleocadio)
1 año atrás

Hi Eli, I have a problem downloading the Spotify key, I click download and nothing, greetings

Salatiel Aizza Souza Santos
Salatiel Aizza Souza Santos (@salatielsantos)
1 año atrás

Thank you very much friend
This tutorial certainly helped me.
Hugs. Greet and peace

charsramirez (@charsramirez)
10 meses atrás

Super contribution worked perfectly ... thank you very much.

EliAzul (@eliazul)
7 meses atrás

Hello, I downloaded spotify from the official page, it does not appear in the menu, but I can run it from terminal, does anyone know how I can correct that? thank you in advance

Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
Respondiendo a  EliAzul
7 meses atrás


I recommend that you install spotify from the terminal

sudo apt install spotify-client


Cristian Guerra Contreras
Cristian Guerra Contreras (@cristianguerracontreras)
Respondiendo a  EliAzul
7 meses atrás

EliBlue Good night because the same thing happens to me but when you launch it with the terminal, the icon appears in the bar and you can anchor it even if it does not continue to appear in the menu, PDT I am new to this linux therefore I can not give you another alternative.

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