An backup system is important in Deepin. This tutorial has the necessary intention to prepare to keep your information safe in critical situations.



Deepin Clone It is a tool that allows I backup system (Backup / Backup), so you can use it in case disaster strikes. Or restore a previous copy when your system is in an inaccessible state to the start Deepin. Or just made a change that caused instability in your team. No matter if the application to be installed is one thing or another.

using Deepin Clone you can return to an earlier stage, with the help of the copy before the error happened. Below is a guide "step by step" how to back up and how to recover later if a disaster occurs.

It is important to make the least one backup of the system a week so make sure you can return to a not too distant future. As more old is your support more things would have lost. No other point to clarify, please carefully read the following guidelines:

1 Firstly go to the store Deepin download and install "Deepin Recovery«. (In previous versions of Deepin this came installed by default, but now this is no longer the case.) Once installed restart the system and select Deepin Recovery » from Grub options.

Deepin select Recovery from Grub

2 Once you accessed the desktop system Recovery from there, below the taskbar or dock (Dock), select and open the tool "Deepin Clone”.

Icono de Deepin Clone
Clone icon Deepin

3 And once opened the tool "Deepin Clone"On the left side of the application be sure to select"partition". While on the right side you must select "A partition image" as shown below:

Partición A Imagen
A partition image

4 On the next screen make sure that on the left side of the tool Deepin the partition where it is installed is selected. (Usually the icon that partition has the official logo at Deepin). Then on the right side of the application click 'Select Location Of Destiny«.

Imagen Y Destino
Image And Destination

5 In the next window select the target disk or partition where you will store the backup using the file manager Deepin as shown in the chart below, and select a folder where you'll save the backup. (Although it is not necessary to create a new folder). Simply you can also select the root of the disk if you want.

Selecciona una Carpeta
Select a folder

6 Choose a unique name for your backup, in the example below was selected "12-Samsung SSD 850-1.dim"Because there were other copies previously created with similar names.

Selecciona un Nombre de Archivo
Select a File name

7 In the next step you need to click "Backing"Deepin Clone and should show something more like this:


8 Then you start the backup performed:

Realizando el Respaldo
Performing the backup. progress and remaining time is displayed.

9 At the end, if the execution was successful you will see a screen like this:

El respaldo termino exitosamente
He backed successfully completed

So easy you create a backup of your system so that you can use in case of an unexpected disaster.

In addition, you can view the file by clicking on "View backup." See for yourself.



1 After coming back to "Deepin Recovery"As shown in Step # 1 of" Part I "of this tutorial from the taskbar (Dock) click on the tool"Deepin Clone"Once you open the tool make sure the left side of the interface select"partition"And then select"A partition image"On the right side as shown below. then select "Carry over”.

Imagen a Partición
Partition image

2 It is important that you Prestes EXTREME CAUTION the next step because choosing the wrong partition You lose all the information in that partition. Choose partition should be the one identified with the standard logo Deepin. (Well, it is what was damaged) and we want to recover. First make sure the partition with the logo of Deepin is selected on the right side of the tool, then click on the left where it says: "Select File Image".

Selecciona Fichero Imagen
Select File Image

3 Navigate using the tool and saved searches the location where the image of partition created in Part I of this tutorial then press "Open" and selects the previously stored image. Your screen should show the following:

Presiona "Abrir" y selecciona la "Imagen" guardada previamente
Press "Open" and select the "Image" previously saved

4In the next step you should again make sure you've selected the correct target partition (the one with the logo of Deepin) or else lose all the information on that partition !. Click to select "Start Restore" to correct any problems that this prevents the system does not start correctly and then click on the blue bar that says "Restore."

Selecciona "Restaurar Arranque" y "Restaurar"
Select "Start Restore" and "Restore"

After doing that the following screens appear:

Restoring, together with the progress and remaining time

If the completion of the restoration was successful, the next screen should appear anuciandote that the procedure was performed without any problems:

Restauración Exitosa
Successful restoration

Congratulations, that's all. You have made your first restoration using the tool "Deepin Clone"!


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sebastian valencia

Anyone know what the pass of recovery


Excellent companion article; I leave clear that this mounting partitions solved in the new version of the recovery mode; it arrived in 15.5.1


Good morning, I hope you can help me with these two questions about Deepin clone:

1) If I have a hard drive with Deepin and windows, and I make a backup of the entire disk, and if your Windows installation is damaged, when restoring the backup, installing windows also recover?

2) You can restore the backup to different hardware to start?



So then you also make backup windows partition


Thank you ... very interesting that functionality ... Deepin clone. and someone tried to restore the backup to different hardware to the original with newly installed Deepin?


While the backup does not have proprietary drivers if installed. it is understood? If you have a system with a nvidia gpu and install the proprietary video driver, it will fail to want to boot a computer that has an AMD Radeon example. the same is true if you install the microcodes Intel or AMD. If there is no privative you have great chances of success.


Yes, very clear explanation. Use only free drivers so I do not think you have problems. Thank you!!!


Answered by: sebastian valenciaAnyone know what the pass of recovery

That you chose when you first installed the system Recovery. I asked him when you took this update that included it in the system. sebastian valenciasebastian valencia

sebastian valencia

The issue is that I do not remember having established some

Lewin Viola

Well explained bro. Monroy

Magnifico tutorial Thanks for sharing

André Bezerra

I have a question: when a restore is done is equivalent to a formatting system?


Restore is to restore a backup exact copy, say the system with the applications you had installed, your settings etc, format to install something else

André Bezerra

I understood. Thank You

Luis Zapana

You can not enter Deepin Clone, because it asks for a password, which seems to be different from my root password.


is the password you entered when you upgraded or when installed live-filesystem

miguel dark

15.9 in Deepin not installed and it does not work entered Recovery, remaining black screen, a clone of Deepin also install live-filesystem.
Any ideas thanks.