Very good !!! I am MLopez_fpv como muchos me conocéis del canal de Telegram…. Os traigo un pequeño tuto que algunos como yo tenemos un home cinema 5.1 y tenemos también televisores conectados por HDMI para disfrutar de nuestras películas en Kodi o ver contenidos IPTV o demás…. pues con el siguiente tuto os enseño como configurar en deepin para tener los 6ch de audio necesarios para poder disfrutar del sonido envolvente y de calidad con deepin.

We open the terminal and put the following:

sudo nano /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

I use elder brother in the end because I am used to but you can use GDIT, vim etc…

then we must find and edit the following lines:

resample-method = speex-float-6
enable-remixing = yes
enable-lfe-remixing = yes

Then we locate the line default-sample-format and modified as follows:

default-sample-format = s24le
default-sample-rate = 96000
default-sample-channels = 6
default-channel-map = front-left, front-right, rear-left, rear-right, front-center, lfe

finally save changes stopping + xy controlled pressing S to say that if and press Enter.

Is finally set in alsamixer and pass 2CH at 6 required for 5.1
We write in the terminal:


And press Enter... and you can then press F6 to select the audio card.

In my case I select the card from the motherboard where are the 3jacks connected home theater audio.

Then we head to the right and press up arrow channels and go up to 6ch leaving him thus:

Once this is done we can go out with Esc and finally we can only leave saved changes ALSASo we put the following in the terminal and press Enter:

sudo alsactl store

This is necessary so that the configuration 6ch stay to restart saved.

And we would have 5.1 sound in Deepin, would only have to reboot and enjoy surround sound!

Thanks and regards the whole community gnu / linux !!!!

What do you think about it?

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Hey, how interesting your article, thank you very much for exposing here quite instructive and detailed surely be of benefit to many people.


Cool Avatarmlopez thank you very much, maybe this will help me solve an old problem I have with the second audio channels on my motherboard


It occurs to me that s valid for changing channels 7.1 to 8 and referencing the outflows of configurations.


I have an AMD R7 260 card and it does not work me.