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Throughout the history of video games, their impact on society has increased, and the common interest of those who, fascinated by them, choose the initiative to make their own.

Although today, there are countless programs to achieve this, one of the most popular and well-known has been Enterbrain RPG Maker, an RPG game creation engine in the style of the first Final fantasy or Dragon quest, which, since its appearance in 1995, has motivated many people to develop their own stories, since its greatest strength has been the ease and simplicity of designing a game, being able to create a video game project without the need to know program.

EasyRPG Player

Today, RPG Maker and its different editions continue to have a great impact, so much so that one of its most recent editions: RPG Maker MV, was ported to Linux, being the first official RPG Maker program to reach Linux.

Going through the editions RPG Maker 2000 and RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker VX and VX Ace, up to RPG Maker MV, games have emerged that, although they are not capable of competing against more ambitious projects, are capable of showing the creativity of video game fans. Games like Yume Nikki, Ib, Mogeko Castle, It Moves, The Gray Garden, OFF, OneShot, Pokémon Uranium and Pokémon Iberia, are examples of this.

However, many of these games have been created under the 2000/2003 editions, and that, unfortunately, cannot be played in a simple way, where even in Wine there are still deficiencies and failures to run games of said editions.

For this problem, it was developed EasyRPG Player, a program which allows you to play those games created under RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, and which, until now, has editions hosted on Windows, Mac, Android, Libretro, and of course, on Linux.


Currently, it is available in the Deepines Store, in the games section. It would be the most comfortable and recommended method for you. For your convenience you can download and install it from the following button:


Unfortunately, nowadays there is no graphical interface to use it, so we have to use it under the console, or creating a shortcut from the desktop:

1. From the terminal:

The first thing to do is go to the folder where we have the game, it can be through "cd / path_to_the_folder”, Or by going directly from the File Manager to that folder.

Once hosted in the main folder of the game, just run "easyrpg-player" on the console to make it work and be able to play the game.

If you went directly from File Manager, click Right Click> Open from Terminal.

2. Creating a shortcut:

If you don't want to repeat the above process every time to play, you can simply create a script to go directly to the game. In this case, we will do it directly on the desktop.

First, we open the terminal and mount it on the desktop using "cd Desktop /" or just by clicking Right Click> Open in the terminal, from our Desktop.

Then, we use an editor, such as “nano”.

Once inside, they will write the following:


cd /home/<usuario>/ruta_de_la_carpeta_del_juego easyrpg-player

It should look like this:

Once configured, they can exit by pressing Ctrl + X, saving the script with the name of the game.

Once this is completed, you must add execution permissions to the Script, using directly in the terminal "chmod + x script_name", Or by doing in the Script"Right Click> Properties> Permissions> Run as program”.

Once this is done, your direct access to the game is ready.


Use theEasyRPG Player It is not very difficult, however, you can add special options for the execution of the game, either through the terminal, or for continuous use in the Script.

Options or arguments are placed next to the main command, and in this case, the formula is: "easyrpg-player ".

You can also use two or more options at the same time: "easyrpg-player .

Some of them are:

  • To run it in a window use: "--window"
  • To execute it without sound, use: "--disable-audio”.
  • To skip the selection screen and start at once, use: "--new-game”.
  • If you want to hide the game's starting image, use: "--hide-title”.
  • If you want to start directly from a saved game, use: "--load-game-id N"

Note: N is a two-digit number that corresponds to the Slot where the game is saved. Example, if the game was saved in the Slot 3, the number to add will be 03.

  • If you are a curious person, you can activate the Debug mode with: "--test-play”.
  • If you want to start in Full Screen, use: "--fullscreen"
  • If you want to show the FPS, use: "--show-fps"
  • To render the FPS in Window mode, use: "--fps-render-window”.
  • To choose the limit of FPS it's used: "--fps-limit"In this case, the default is 60 FPS. Leaving it at 0 equals FPS unlimited.
  • If you want to enable the use of the mouse for the menus, use: "--enable-mouse”.
    Note: With the Left Click you select, the right one goes back or rejects, and with the wheel you move up and down the menu selection, but you cannot select left or right using the mouse.
  • If you want to enable the use of Touchscreen It can be used: "--enable-touch”.
    Note: You can only accept or reject options with the Touchscreen, one finger to accept and two to reject.


The button mapping is similar or the same as that used by the RPG Maker official, in addition to adding extra functions:

Normal controls:

  • Up: Up, K, No. 8, W
  • Down: Down, J, Numm2, S
  • Left: Left, H, No. 4, A.
  • Right: Right, L, No. 6, D.
  • Action: Enter, Z, Y, Spacebar, Enter.
  • Cancel: Escape, Backspace, X, C, V, B, N, Num0.

Specific keys:

These keys only serve specific functions in certain games. They are not necessary in the vast majority:

  • Shift: Left shift. OR der.
  • Numbers from 0 to 9: Num0-9.
  • + = +
  • - = -
  • * = *
  • / = /
  • . = .

Special keys:

  • Forward x3: F
  • Forward x10: F + Num +
  • Keep to walk between walls and disable battle encounters: Ctrl Left or Right.
  • Show FPS: F2
  • Show Debug Log: F3
  • Full Screen: F4, Alt + Enter.
  • Enable Zoom: F5
  • Open Debug Menu (only if TestPlay mode is enabled): F9
  • Take screenshot (saved in game folder): F10
  • Open Save Menu (Only under TestPlay mode): F11
  • Return to main menu: F12.


EasyRPG Player is a program that, as indicated by its official website, has the ultimate goal of running most or all of the games based on the editions of RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, which, many of them are cult games on the PC, not only because of how strange they can be, but also because it shows that despite the limitations that are found, there are no limits to creativity and the use of available resources to achieve a desired project.

With the passage of new technologies, these programs and games become obsolete in comparison, but, thanks to its cult legacy among video game developers, it remains in force to this day.

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Antonio Oropeza
Antonio Oropeza (@oropeza2007)
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Uff but that's good, I didn't know they had it in deepines, I'm going to download.

jhalo (@jhalo)
1 mes atrás

Wow, your article is very interesting, thanks for sharing it with the community. <3

JulioPerfecto (@julioperfecto)
1 mes atrás

Excellent partner collaboration.

Martin Valladares
Martin Valladares (@mvalladares2006)
1 mes atrás

Great, it works fine, thanks.

Эли (@eli)
1 mes atrás

Excelentemente redactado y muy bien explicado Dosreisic, thanks for your contribution.

Car (@car)
1 mes atrás

Good article, thanks partner and welcome to Deepin in Spanish

Arceli (@arceli)
1 mes atrás

Good tuto, thank you very much, something else to train with my deepin.

LeviB (@levib)
1 mes atrás

What kinds of games are available in this? can someone tell?

BorisJSMX (@borisjsmx)
1 mes atrás

Fun, thanks for the tips.

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos (@juan-carlos)
1 mes atrás

Great and very instructive for EasyRPG, good read.

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