Deepin Gaming Center

The Deepin Gaming Center offers support in providing tools for video game with the OS. Being based on GNU / Linux, technologies such as Vulcan, Mesa, among others are used. We have tutorials, tools and applications that integrate perfectly. If you want help, go Deepin the forum in Spanish.

This page is constantly changing. We are looking for more information from Steam, The source code and the official website. We also have a fan group of video games. We look forward to receiving suggestions by sending to our contact page or via "Articles by users«.

First steps

If it is the first time that you know Deepin. We help you!

In addition, we offer information to keep your computer at your fingertips:

recommended Tools

Playing with interactive applications for Deepin (and GNU / Linux in general), is affordable. You have the recommendations in this list:

Gaming items

Blog posts

In the Games category you can check the news and advances in the operating system. From some trick and some program that is available. Also, we add series of informative publications and others.


The wiki it is a hybrid of "doubt seeker" and "manual". Consult part of the more than 400 articles about applications, tutorials and more. If you're registered user you can get exclusive material. Among the most requested are:


Our community has a forum. Where we do activity, make and answer queries related to the operating system. Do not forget that we are dealing with other news.

Note: Check always the logo that identifies the community to avoid false impressions.