GameHub is a highly configurable library that acts as a launcher for all our games, thus giving us a better organization and speed when managing them. It also supports multiple platforms and services such as Steam, Retroarch, GOG,, DOSBox, Humble bundland, Wine, PlayOnLinux, Emulators and of course native GNU / Linux games.


It is done in a simple way using the graphic interface of our store Deepines, or if you prefer, from the terminal, with the following command:

 sudo apt install gamehub 

If you still do not have Deepines Store installed, for your convenience we have created the unified installer package, the store and the repository, which you can download from right here by clicking the button, download and then proceed to install with a double click:


Retroarch: Obviously the first requirement is to install it and configure it to your liking, we recommend the version of our store, since it is updated and allows the automatic download of cores or other "online" content of the application.

The second relevant action will be to modify the route of the cores or «libretros» in GameHub. To do this we will click on the three points and the configuration section will be displayed, we go to Retroarch y remplazamos la ruta por / data / home / your username / .config / retroarch / cores This will allow the games to launch properly; if you also use compressed ROMS it will be useful to delete zip from the list of ignored extensions.

Finally we click on it more and click on Import emulated games to select the folder where you save the ROMS, then you can edit each entry to add or modify the images of each entry.

Steam: Adding all the games from our library is pretty easy. It must be installed and the same and open in the session to later click on the Steam icon that will automatically recognize and add its content.

Native people: These are added from the plus button that we use to Retroarch just fill in the fields with the path to the executable or file .desktop to later complete it by adding the images; etc.

Finally we find a screen ready to run games for different platforms, which we can customize at will, eliminating or reordering its entries.

If you were interested in the article and would like us to explain the configuration for other platforms, leave us your comment and perhaps we will publish a second part of the article.

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Omar G
Omar G (@omarg)
24 días atrás

Thanks, I didn't know him, I'm liking him more than Lutris

Matias Reyes
Matias Reyes (@mati2020)
26 días atrás

Excellent exponent of free software, I like it.

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
26 días atrás

Does anyone know how you get the images that represent the games? Or is it that you look for it yourself? thanks.

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
Respondiendo a  Car
24 días atrás

Sounds great! Thanks for the help.

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
Respondiendo a  Car
20 días atrás

Thanks, I installed it and it looks super!

Arceli (@arceli)
Respondiendo a  Luis Linux
7 días atrás

Lo he usado, la mayor de las veces cargan sin que tengas que tomar accion, algunas si tienes que buscar la iamgen y fijarla.

Эли (@eli)
25 días atrás

Interesting program Car Thanks for sharing, it seems very useful for people who play games frequently, it seems that I can recommend it.

Martin Valladares
Martin Valladares (@mvalladares2006)
3 días atrás

Very good game manager.

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