Hello people, today I come to help you correct the update error of Deepin 20 1001. This problem afflicts those who did a clean installation with the ISO "deepin-desktop-community-1001-amd64.iso"published on August 25. Also, some users have reported this failure in systems that they updated from installations made with the Deepin 20 beta ISO, or from Deepin 15.

The problem manifests itself when updating from the Control Center or updating from the terminal as shown in the following images.

Mensaje de error al actualizar desde el Centro de control
Mensaje de error al actualizar desde la terminal

In the terminal the error message is identified by the following text.

Err:4 eagle Release
  404  Not Found [IP: 443]

The problem is caused because the developers made a mistake and misconfigured the printers repository, very useful to be able to easily install the drivers for a large number of printers from Deepin's printer manager. This error has been confirmed with the Deepin staff.


The solution is very easy, just as I like it, it is solved by copying and pasting a command, but first we are going to verify that the problem is the configuration of the printer repository. Run the following command, it is a single line, you must copy it whole.

grep -E "^deb eagle non-free" /etc/apt/sources.list.d/printer.list > /dev/null && echo -e "\nLa configuración debe repararse.\n" || echo -e "\nLa configuración está bien.\n"

If the result is "The configuration needs to be repaired." then run the following command.

echo "deb eagle non-free" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/printer.list

If you manually deactivated the printer repository, you can reactivate it with the command above, or if you prefer, you can edit the configuration and replace the text with that of the following line.

deb eagle non-free

The next thing is to try again, to do the update from the Control Center or from the terminal.


Normally in Deepin in Spanish we never recommend editing, altering or modifying the configuration of the repositories manually or with commands. The normal method to change mirror repositories is from Deepin's Control Center. But as Deepin 20 is still in development, they have not released the final version, the mirrors do not yet exist and the system is constantly changing and testing, these procedures have been necessary to correct its operation. When the final version of Deepin 20 is published this procedure will no longer be necessary.

If you have problems with very slow downloads when installing applications or updating Deepin 20, we recommend using the Deepin mirrors in Spanish, you can find the procedure you here.

We hope that with this they can correct the update error of Deepin 20 1001, but we clarify that this is not the only possible cause, if this procedure does not solve the problem, please create a new thread in the forum or ask for help in our group on TelegramThere, one of the community members can help you.

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Jorge Navarro
Jorge Navarro (@jorgenavarro)
22 días atrás

thanks mate

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
29 días atrás

It works thank you!

Эли (@eli)
29 días atrás

Excellent solution to the problem, thanks for posting the fix @igatjens I am sure it will help many.

Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
29 días atrás

Thanks for the tip, Isaías.
Fixed the jam generated by the repository for printers, and updates in progress in an installation ex novo.
The system updated from deepin 15.11 did not show me this problem.

Ernesto Junco
Ernesto Junco (@ernesto_junco)
29 días atrás

I got a slightly different message, it said that the printer eagle release repository does not have a release file. but following this procedure it was fixed. attached takes. Thank you.

deepin error actualizacion
jozef (@jozef)
29 días atrás

Beautifully explained and it works. Thank you

Justo Moreno
Justo Moreno (@justo-moreno776)
29 días atrás

Thanks for all the work you are doing, the tutor worked for me.

Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez (@rigohernandez96)
28 días atrás

Update without problems thanks to your tuto, very good and clear.

Mauricio Mandaglio
Mauricio Mandaglio (@mauriciomandaglio)
27 días atrás

Hello everyone, I have Deepin 20 from scratch, since last Thursday / Friday that I update I feel the system much slower ... mainly in everything that has to do with internet connectivity ... on Friday, after the system update and noticing this problem, make this correction and I feel that it is a little better ... Is it related? Likewise, since the system update it has not finished working well ... a shame ...
I add .. from the same moment, the fan of my notebook every so often raises to 100% for a few seconds as it had never done before .. Can you think of where I can start to control?

Эли (@eli)
Answering to Mauricio Mandaglio
27 días atrás

Mauricio Mandaglio I would recommend using TOP or the System Monitor application, to monitor which application or process is getting out of control and causing what it describes.

cfleidl (@cfleidl)
Answering to Mauricio Mandaglio
26 días atrás

If the notebook fan works too hard and is slow, there is a process consuming excessively resources, check it with the task manager.

Mauricio Mandaglio
Mauricio Mandaglio (@mauriciomandaglio)
Answering to cfleidl
25 días atrás

cfleidl, Eli, thanks for the answers, I honestly don't know what happened, and I don't have time to find the problem ... I had a clean installation for a week ... I installed PlayOnLinux, Zenmap, Gimp, ClamAv, some of the patches mentioned here and no much more ... Perhaps the most loaded process had the one named MainThread that originates from Firefox, but the slowness problem was general ... In conclusion, I opted for the less orthodox and happy solution ... reinstall Deepin, this time with the latest ISO , now everything works fine .. thanks.

Dany Lizama
Dany Lizama (@danylizama)
1 día atrás

Hello people! I have already gone through the entire forum looking for a solution. I tried the above commands and the terminal accuses that "Configuration is ok." but when I try to upgrade using "apt-get upgrade" it detects "197 updated, 0 new ones will be installed, 0 to remove and 1 not updated.
You need to download 9,887 kB / 64.2 MB of files. », Giving ok is one error after another and finally does not update. When trying the same but from the update manager it starts to work, but finally answers that the update failed ... any ideas? I'm with the community version ...

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