Deepin, like most current distributions, bring Bash as the default shell. However, Bash has made little progress in recent years. While shells like zsh which tratamos "here" or fish, if they have developed a number of extra features that make more pleasant and simple, the use of the terminal. Therefore, the team of deepines we have chosen to include the latest version of this fantastic program in our deepines repository 2.0 illustrative and edit this post. In the following lines we will see the highlights of Fish concerning Bash:


  • Auto-suggestions Command - As you type the command, the terminal will offer suggestions that match the characters you've written based on your command history and showing first ones you use most often. Autocomplete for the command you must press [→], if you just want to complete the first presionarías word [Alt] + [→] Autosuggestions
  • Intelligent highlighted command - This red coloring command when the command you are entering this underlines misspelled or addresses in the world.
  • Fish also helps you remember- You do not remember what was the exact name of the command, or what were the arguments that gave that command? Simply press [Tab] completions
  • High capacity personalization - With the command fish_configYou can change the prompt design and color code, among other things from the configuration page that will be displayed in your default browser. To a greater degree of customization there is a package called Oh-my-Fish, which we will discuss later, and offers a wide range of designs.
  • Simplest command syntax- the most everyday commands are used the same way as in bash, but in others there is some difference for easy handling. So, it is good that echases a quick look at fish manual:


For the most updated version of the package, adds our deepines repository 2.0, following this guide https: //deepinenespañ

Next, we install the program with this command:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install fish

Once installed can use writing for terminal fish . If you want to leave it as the default shell on your system you only have to enter this command:

chsh -s /usr/bin/fish

* Note: If you would like to retrieve with a simple bash bash on the command line, or, chsh /bin/bash If we want to again be our default shell



As already mentioned previously, Oh-my-fish is a project that complements the shell fish adding packages change their appearance. To add to our system:
curl -L | fish

Basic commands for use:

OMF update - updates the oh-my-fish packages installed

OMF theme -repository shows installed and available for download issues

OMF install <package name> - Install Package

OMF remove <package name> - To delete

OMF theme <package name> - To activate the package

Disponéis more detailed information on

What do you think about it?

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Excelente articulo, me encanta fish y lo he echo mi shell por defecto.


tremendous reading Jorge KenobiJorge Kenobi, Looks very interesting this shell.

Hamzah Alvana

That OMF what you use theme name on the article?