We review and confirm that officially have not changed plans to leave without support unstable Deepin in July 2019. On 28 April at the notice of publication of Deepin 15.10 you can read:

Reconstructed using Debian stable repository Deepin 15.10 it was created and released again based on Debian stable. Compared to the previous unstable Debian repository, users can get appropriate security updates and improve system stability.

Deepin 15.10 launches in stable and unstable versions. Users can upgrade from stable version 15.9.2 beta version to version 15.10 or 15.10 install the ISO directly. Users can get unstable version Deepin 15.10 via system update. It is recommended that all users install ISO 15.10 Deepin in a stable version as technical support for the unstable version will stop in July 2019.

In addition to the Deepin release announcement 15.10.1 no change of plan mentioned, only the publication of ISO Deepin-15.10.1-amd64.iso and correction of faults desktop environment Deepin advertised.

That's why we can guarantee at this time that the change Codename of unstable to stable shown by the "lsb_release -a" command is a failure and does not reflect the actual state of the system. This ruling has already been reported in http://feedback.deepin.org/ and we are awaiting the response from developers Deepin in China.

We will also update this article with more methods to identify which database is being used.

Finally we asked them to ignore comments in the community who say it is no longer necessary to make a clean install to move from unstable to stable base base, the authors of these comments do not have the expertise to identify and distinguish the components that make up the kernel, the base and the desktop environment, so that their comments do unfounded.

At the time of writing these words, we have no official statement indicating any change of plans for the abandonment of support to unstable Deepin, or the possibility of moving from unstable based on stable base with no installation from scratch. However it is known trend development team Deepin China to make changes and we can not be held responsible for those decisions, but we assure you that if we know some important news we will share it with the community of Deepin in Spanish as soon as may be possible.