Usually have difficulty installing some printers Deepin and despite the availability of a graphical wizard-oriented help and guide published in installing printers on the local network. In this case we have developed a step by step manual that can be applied to configure multiple printer models. For example uses an Epson L555.

As we can see, when we tried to install a printer using the wizard that comes by default Deepin not always detect or find the printer driver on the specific model that is required.

Configure a printer not listed

For example requires installing the Epson L555 Ecotank MFP so we proceed to search and download deb packages corresponding 64-bit from the Epson website

After downloading, corresponding to both the printer and the scanner "That is compressed and which more later '. the system will settle into double click.

When the printer driver that brings Deepin pre-installed is used, usually receive an CPUS server error

To solve this problem, if we are present, we install or reinstall the package that corrects this error, either from Synaptic or the terminal with the command Sudo apt install printer-driver-gutenprint

We continue with our printer settings.

Click Next and the printer with the correct parameters appear.

Click Apply, and if desired, print a test page to verify proper operation of the printer.

Configure the scanner

When you extract the compressed file and folder Iscan acedemos it is generated and proceed with the installation by double-clicking on choosing, in the box that opens, open a terminal.

After the installation of the scanner, we edit and modify a configuration file for the model to be detected; We open a terminal and execute.

sudo Deepin-editor /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf

Edit the file according to the model finally saved and restart the computer to have the Scanner with all its functionality.

I hope this guide will be useful and can be applied to multiple printer models.

What do you think about it?

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