Suele haber dificultad para la instalación de algunas impresoras en Deepin y pese a la disponibilidad de un asistente gráfico orientado a ayudar y guiar en la instalación de impresoras publicadas en la red local. Para este caso hemos elaborado un manual paso a paso que puede ser aplicado para configurar múltiples modelos de impresoras. Para el ejemplo se ha utilizado una Epson L555.

As we can see, when we try to install a printer using the wizard that Deepin brings by default, it does not always detect or find the printer driver for the specific model that is required.

Set up an unlisted printer

For the example, it is required to install the Epson EcoTank L555 multifunction printer so we will proceed to search and download the corresponding 64-bit deb packages, from the Epson official website

After downloading them, both the one corresponding to the printer and the scanner »Which is compressed and which we will talk about later». We will install them in the system with double click.

When using the printer driver that Deepin has pre-installed, a CPUS server error

Para solventar este inconveniente, si se nos presentara, instalamos o reinstalamos el paquete que corrige este error, ya sea desde synaptic o el terminal con el comando sudo apt install printer-driver-gutenprint

We continue with the configuration of our printer.

Click Next and the printer will appear with the correct parameters.

Click on apply and if desired, print a test page to verify the correct operation of the printer.

Configure the scanner

Al extraer el archivo comprimido y se genera una carpeta Iscan acedemos a ella y procedemos con la instalación, haciendo doble clic sobre choosing, in the box that opens, open in a terminal.

After the installation of the scanner, we must edit and modify a configuration file so that the model is detected; we open a terminal and execute.

sudo deepin-editor /etc/sane.d/epkowa.conf

Edit the file according to the model, finally save and restart the computer to have the Scanner with all its functionality.

Espero que esta guía les sea de utilidad y pueda ser aplicada a múltiples modelos de impresoras.

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Car (@car)
1 año atrás

Thanks for your article David Escobedo Rios

TonyRevuelta (@tonyrevuelta)
1 año atrás

I have not had success with one of those that I bought months ago, it only works for me in Windows, Interesting explanation, so this is for any Epson?

Irwin Manuel Boom Gamez
Irwin Manuel Boom Gamez (@irwinmanuelboomgamez)
1 año atrás

Colleagues, I cannot make my CANON PIXMA 3100 work, in Deepin 14 it works now that I have the 15.9 it does not work even with the drivers, it simply does not print.

Learchman (@learchman)
1 año atrás

I have had no problem installing my printers, they are 2 HP and one Epson. What I do notice is that they print very slow, no matter what distribution you use; On the other hand, in Windows, those same printers, with the same file, print it quickly. To cite an example; In W7 by Virtualbox on Deepin 15.9.3 a job of two pages in word with images, it prints it to me in 19 seconds while that same file directly in Deepin takes 1 minute 35 seconds.
I have already asked HP and Epson and they verified that the drivers are the ones I have and are correctly installed but that it is a question of the distribution.
Any suggestions not to have to be opening Virtualbox just for quick printing.

Endrix Cordoba
Endrix Cordoba (@endrix-cordoba)
1 año atrás

I have tried a million times but I have not been able to install my epson L4160 in deepin 15.11, with the previous versions if it worked. I downloaded the drivers from the epson page and noted nothing

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