From 🇵🇦 Panama, Criptext it show us Elapp, which the developers say was initially developed for internal use in the company, but then decided to create it as a separate application for users.

What is Elapp?

It is a free application to transfer files, videos and photos without cables between iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux devices. In other words, it allows you to send and receive files from nearby mobile phones and computers, a kind of universal Airdrop that transfers files instantly and without losing quality.

How does Elapp work?

All that is needed is to leave Elapp installed and open on both devices, choose the file, and then select the friend to start the transfer. By friend we mean the other device, be it ours or comrade.

Just like file transfers, Elapp takes advantage of Wi-Fi and the internet, local or not, to transfer files. If the devices are on different networks, it will use the Internet; Otherwise, being in the same Wi-Fi network, it will only be enough to share locally, in addition to that in this mode the files are transferred in turbo mode (taking advantage of the fact that the network is faster).

New Features

The developers promised in their Twitter account, that for the month of January, this month, they will implement new features:

Adding them quickly days later while mentioning more news soon.

También mencionan que existirá una versión de Elapp para PlayStation y Xbox para que sea una experiencia multiplataforma completa.

There is still no date for the implementation of these news, but we can see that Elapp does not stop improving and we want to provide an excellent experience to its users.

If you want to try it, it is already in our App Store, and of course it is also available for mobile devices directly from google Play and the App Store Apple respectively. To conclude I ask you, will it beElapp la app para ustedes?

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Isaías Gätjens M
Isaías Gätjens M (@igatjens)
12 días atrás

Another good alternative for transferring files without the need for cable connections.

Эли (@eli)
12 días atrás

Interesting app G4SP3R, thanks for sharing.

PedroTirse (@pedrotirse)
11 días atrás

This app is very good, the interface is elegant.

jhalo (@jhalo)
11 días atrás

This great

Alex Andrade
Alex Andrade (@alex-andrade-30)
10 días atrás

Very good, thank you!

Martin Ferrero
Martin Ferrero (@martinferrero)
8 días atrás

Excellent, thanks.

developmentcreativo Salazar
developmentcreativo Salazar (@developmentcreativosalazar)
6 días atrás

It does not appear to me in the AppStore as I find it

Эли (@eli)
Respondiendo a  developmentcreativo Salazar
6 días atrás

developmentcreativo Salazar check into Deepines Store after you have installed it.

developmentcreativo Salazar
developmentcreativo Salazar (@developmentcreativosalazar)
Respondiendo a  Эли
4 días atrás

Эли Thanks, I already understood how the installation is

ArtP0 (@artp0)
5 días atrás

Not for file transfer have they already removed the Deepin Phone assistant? Although it is true that I do not understand how it works.

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