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Update 08/06/19: The development of Komorebi was suspended and can generate problems from now, your system may not work on some computers.


If you've ever wondering how to put a video or any other type of dynamic desktop background in Deepin or any other distribution of GNU / Linux, you've probably come to the correct input.  

After meeting Illusion Akiba, one of the things that struck me it was his work so precious and so he chose to customize Deepin.


Fondo dinámico creadopara Komorebi por Akiba illusionFondo dinámico creadopara Komorebi por Akiba illusion

He uses something called Komorebi, an application designed by Abraham Masri that manages the wallpapers of your team very interesting way. Because the funds it has to offer are dynamic, you can create very interesting subjects for application. In addition to configuring paths and movements, add gradients, particles, or just videos. The application also allows you to set a watch like a kind of Conky it were, allowing the theme settings to choose the font type and position of the clock and date.

Click here to download the ".deb 'version of the application


Where I can find more issues?

Telegram channel Akiba Illusion has many issues of his own that you can install in deb format. You can also give orders personally and probably accept your request 😉 Click here to visit the canal.

How to install themes?
Here's a video that explains:





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Excellent information…


One of these days I start to try to see that achievement, thanks for your guide.



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How do I run it at the beginning?