Donations to Deepin in Spanish

Through the years many users have inquired about the possibility of making a monetary donation to the community. In order to satisfy that concern and because each year the maintenance and lodging costs are higher, we have decided to make this page available.

The donation process is completely transparent and authorized staff members have access to see the total donations and the monetary amount of each donation, as well as the monthly, annual totals etc. Your privacy, however, is fully guaranteed and only the information that you decided to share when filling out this form will be seen by the authorized staff.

From October 2020 you can make a donation toIcon Networks, responsible for the hosting service of the platform. No matter how small donations help us continue to keep the community alive and are greatly appreciated with all our hearts.


Some of the main ways that we use received donations are as follows:

  • Servers and hosting to keep everyone accessible.
  • Forum software, the wiki, the Deepines complementary repository, the store and our Deepin Mirror, accessibility improvements and web security.
  • Maintenance and payment of licenses associated with the services and software that run other areas of the platform. For example: Cloudflare, CDN, CPanel, Payment Plugins, domain renewal etc.

La donación es segura y gestionada a través de Paypal donde puedes hacer la misma a través de tu cuenta de Paypal o usando una tarjeta de crédito. Si tienes alguna pregunta adicional puedes contactarnos usando nuestro Contact Form.

What does this donation consist of?