If Spotify has a rival, that is Deezer. An application that offers services that enable streaming music listening.

Deezer: You can use the native client that provides deepin sudo apt install deezer-desktop-for-linux

Also for proper operation you must install the corresponding flash sudo aptitude install pepperflashplugin-nonfree browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash

Deezloader: It is a very simple tool (basically it is a script written in NodeJs) that allows us to download music directly from Deezer in 320kbps, with covers, and metadata included. In our repository Deepines the latest version of the application is available, which we have compiled in .deb for installation in deepin. Next we will give you some tips that will help you in the download of your favorite mp3.

Its interface is easy to use, it is possible to search by name or author; The cumbersome of this method is that you must listen to audios to see if they are really those you are looking for (Originals, Mix Versions or karaokes) For this we would like to illustrate another alternative, the direct download from Deezer through this application.


  • First of all you must have a free account in Deezer and access it.
  • Subsequently from the Playlist menu creates a public playlist.
  • Now you are able to search for your music and add it to the playlist created for download.

  • Once you have made your selection on the Play List, you click on the triple point, in the menu that is displayed, choose to share and then copy the link obtained.

  • Finally you open Deezloader and in DOWNLOAD FROM URL hit the link, press DOWNLOAD You will see a notification that the download will begin and another one when completing the entire list.

Congratulations! you successfully completed the download of your favorite mp3 and you can have them from your Music folder.

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It's very good, with a very good interface, I like it, thanks for the review.

Gustavo Lopez C

Hello hey excuse how I install the program from its repository and I installed it and did an update but when searching for the package it can not find it or what name it has Excellent work


Thanks Car! : 3

Marco Carballo Der Saints

Hi, it tells me that the version of my browser is not compatible, what can I do?
Thank you