WARNING: Remember that you must have installed Deepines Store or Repository in order to obtain the version of LibreOffice compatible with this tutorial.

LibreOfficeit is a powerful office suite; its clean interface and powerful tools allow you to unleash your creativity and grow your productivity. LibreOffice incorporates several applications that make it the most powerful free and open source office suite on the market: Writer, the word processor, Calc, the spreadsheet, Impress, the presentation editor, Draw, our drawing application and flowcharts, Base, our database and interface with other databases, and Math for editing mathematical formulas.


When starting LibreOffice for the first time in Deepin 20 we notice that the interface is shown as an old application, without the tab interface and the truth is a bit boring and not very interesting. This is unfortunately the same case in most distributions, but today you will learn how to change that.

LibreOffice in Deepin 20 - Initial Appearance


Durante esta guía vamos a seguir algunos pasos para mejorar algunos aspectos visuales de LibreOffice hasta que tengamos un diseño mucho más llamativo y además más útil. Para comenzar abrimos la Terminal de Deepin (Ctrl+Alt+T)  y pegamos el siguiente comando:  

sudo apt install libreoffice-gtk3
Installing LibreOffice-GTK3

By doing the above we have installed GTK3 element support to the application and you will notice that its look starts to get better. The interface begins to have some visual aspects that initially it did not have.

We have already improved the LibreOffice interface a bit in Deepin 20


Above we began to improve additional elements of LibreOffice, now we are going to improve its appearance even more by installing some styles of icons for LibreOffice, these are "Breeze", "Elementary" and "Colibre" which will enhance the beauty of the application in general. We open the Deepin Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and paste the following command:

sudo apt install libreoffice-style-breeze libreoffice-style-elementary libreoffice-style-colibre

Set icon theme: let's Tools> Options> View> Icon Style. Once here we choose Breeze or Breeze Dark, depending on the color of the subject to taste, be it light or dark.

Modify the Style icons

The icons will look smooth and consistent, even in night mode. In addition to looking modern to the eyes. It is not the only icon pack, for example, we have Colibre for colorful details.


We are going to continue improving the appearance of the application in this step by installing Microsoft fonts, as explained in our Wiki article. To achieve this we will do something very simple. We simply open the Deepin Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and paste the following command:

sudo apt install ttf-mscorefonts-installer


The tab mode is one of the most requested and desired features by many users of this office suite, in this step we will show you how to achieve it. First you have to go to «Tools -> Options—> Advanced, activate the option Activate Experimental Features»Click on the« OK »button, we restart LibreOffice, after that the tab view option appears.

Then to achieve what we want, that is to say that LibreOffice shows its Tabs Mode we are going to access through the upper menu to «View -> User Interface and we choose« In tab ».

At this point and after having followed all the steps described up to here, you will have a modern and useful interface in your LibreOffice. On par with all other modern office suites. You now have LibreOffice with a beautiful and useful interface, but we haven't finished our work yet.


Most likely, you want to be able to use LibreOffice in Spanish. Achieving that is easy and you will achieve it in the following way. We open the Deepin Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and paste the following command:

sudo apt install libreoffice-help-es


Now it would be necessary to install the package MySpell corresponding to the Spanish dictionary so that the spelling and grammar checker works (Thanks to @juanmaguelfo per suggestion) using the following command:

sudo apt-get install myspell-es

Restart the application and you will immediately notice that the interface is now displayed in the Spanish language and that its entire appearance has changed to one much more pleasant to your eyes.

LibreOffice in Deepin 20 - Final Appearance

And that's all in the definitive guide to improve the appearance of LibreOffice in Deepin 20 and higher. You have greatly improved its appearance and given it a look much more modern, in addition to making it more useful for you as a user of the Spanish language. If you have questions, doubts or suggestions regarding this article, do not hesitate to tell us what you think in a comment.

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Emiliano Masochi
Emiliano Masochi (@emilianomasochi)
1 mes atrás

What a good guide, I haven't done the steps yet but it's appreciated. I went to WPS because of the bad visual aspect of Libre Office and its interface in English. Now you to reinstall it. Thank you!!

Эли (@eli)
1 mes atrás

excellent publication Alejandro Camarena, Thank you very much for the contribution.

Antonio Oropeza
Antonio Oropeza (@oropeza2007)
1 mes atrás

Uff this guide comes out of my hair, free is my favorite suite, it looks very good like this!

jhalo (@jhalo)
1 mes atrás

Wow, LibreOffice does look good like that, it's totally different from how it comes by default. It is worth the change, it looks more organized and comfortable to use

diego (@diego)
1 mes atrás

Now yes, you already have a good competition with WPS. Since LibreOffice 7 already supports Office documents, in addition to its integration with its free format. Keep moving forward. Greetings Alejandro.

Jare GM
Jare GM (@jaregm)
1 mes atrás

Immensely grateful, Alejandro.

Jose Luis Rodríguez Villarreal
Jose Luis Rodríguez Villarreal (@joseluisrodriguezvillarreal)
1 mes atrás

I worked 100%, excellent contribution, congratulations.

ian ash
ian ash (@ian-ash)
1 mes atrás

Excellent contribution, it has been much better to start, perform the steps without incident.

Ruben Respinoza
Ruben Respinoza (@ruben-respinoza)
1 mes atrás

ufff me enamore de libreoffice!!! gracias por este gran articulo-tutorial

Martin_Lucero (@martin_lucero)
1 mes atrás

Ay ay ay people… everything you publish is pure art and quality content, congratulations to the team and to Alejandro for the excellent tutoring.

zunibux (@zunibux)
1 mes atrás

Excellent Guide, thank you very much Alejandro, the appearance looks very cool. Very good contribution.

Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz (@danielcruz)
1 mes atrás

A query exists some extension or something like that in Libre Office or Free Office to group the tabs as well as WPS Office. Thanks for the answer, I am looking for

juan ma guelfo
juan ma guelfo (@juanmaguelfo)
27 días atrás

very good… it would be necessary to install the Myspell package corresponding to the Spanish dictionary for the spelling and grammar checker to work…

sudo apt-get install myspell-es

thanks and greetings

Эли (@eli)
Answering to juan ma guelfo
27 días atrás

I like the suggestion, we are going to add it to the tutorial, thanks.

Rigo Hernandez
Rigo Hernandez (@rigohernandez96)
1 mes atrás

What a good tuto, thank you very much.

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez (@alberto2003)
29 días atrás

I think it's time to experiment, I like the way it looks, I've been using wps, but this looks good.

Dragos (@dragos)
28 días atrás

Excellent guide, thank you all

Antonio Luis Lallena Passas
Antonio Luis Lallena Passas (@antonioluislallenapassas)
27 días atrás

Thank you very much. LibreOffice has improved a lot and now has a modern look.

PedroTirse (@pedrotirse)
27 días atrás

Excellent guide, thank you very much guys.

Luis Linux
Luis Linux (@ddluislinuxfinal)
25 días atrás

Excellent, it works very well.

Fernando (@fds75j)
24 días atrás

Excellent!! But for my part LibreOffice 7 marks a before and after in the interface issue.

Diego Sánchez Castillo
Diego Sánchez Castillo (@diegosanchezcastillo)
24 días atrás

I am new to using deepin, very good information to personalize the free office. thank you very much . very much appreciated. everything works correctly.

Diego Iberri Ramirez
Diego Iberri Ramirez (@diegoiberriramirez)
22 días atrás

Excellent guide, I love the results. Thank you very much for the contribution

Jalberth Mosquera
Jalberth Mosquera (@jalberthmosquera)
18 días atrás

Excellent !!!! from 10

Antonio Oropeza
Antonio Oropeza (@oropeza2007)
14 días atrás

Excellent, it looks much better this way.

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