Deezloader Remix is ​​an improved version of Deezloader, an electron application with an attractive and colorful interface.
Con ella podrás descargar canciones, álbumes y listas de reproducción directamente desde los servidores de Deezer.


  • User interface with light and dark modes
  • Improved download speed
  • Search and discover music from the same application
  • Descargue MP3 y FLAC directamente desde los servidores Deezer
  • Archivos de música etiquetados con (ID3s y comentarios de Vorbis)
  • Modify the audio quality to download and the size of the embedded images
  • Define the download path
  • Download music directly from a URL
  • Descargue toda su biblioteca de artistas
  • View and download your public playlists on Deezer

As you will know, the previous versions of this application have stopped working, with 4.2.0 coming to solve the problems. For this reason we have compiled it in (.deb) to port it in our deepines repository

The installation method is the same as we showed a while ago in the article DEEZER INSTALLED AND DISCHARGE FROM MUSIC WITH DEEZLOADER descargas y agregas el repositorio en el sistema para posteriormente instalar la aplicación, desde synaptic o mediante el terminal ejecutando. sudo apt update && sudo apt install deezloader


Descargar “Deepines Store” deepines-store_1.3.3_amd64.deb – Descargado 54086 veces – 4 MB

Note: This new version requires login via Token. The procedure is very simple; you enter deezer web using Chrome you log in and then press F12 to enter development mode. In the upper menu you display the double arrow marked in green, you go to Applications / Cooquies / / arl alli haces doble clic sobre el numero marcado en rojo , lo copias y pegas en deezloader.

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Fenoll (@fenoll)
1 año atrás

That good. Thanks dude

Zhellow Music
Zhellow Music (@l3o_117)
1 año atrás

please update it to the latest version.

Facundo Fabian Duette
Facundo Fabian Duette (@facundofabianduette)
1 año atrás

Hi, I am new to the community and I want to say that it is a spectacular contribution ... I am a linux user and I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and after installing the deezloader it does not allow me to install any program from the Ubuntu software store. The error it shows is "It can not be installed *Software name*: Error while installing package: installed deezloader package post-installation script thread returned an error with exit status 1 «. I need help please.

Facundo Fabian Duette
Facundo Fabian Duette (@facundofabianduette)
Respondiendo a  Facundo Fabian Duette
1 año atrás

ya resolvi el problema, anteriormente tenia instalado systemback y me había creado /home/Systemback/ y ahí se me movieron los ejecutables… al eliminar ese directorio se soluciono todo. Muchas gracias.

MildloudMouth (@mildloudmouth)
Respondiendo a  Facundo Fabian Duette
1 año atrás

But this is for deepin and you are on Ubuntu.

Mauricio Gudiño
Mauricio Gudiño (@mauriciogudino)
1 año atrás

Excellent contribution, thank you very much.

masilvad (@masilvad)
1 año atrás

I did all the steps but when I copy the link of the playlist and give it download, it does not download, everything is unsuccessful

Eli (@eli)
Respondiendo a  masilvad
1 año atrás

Hello masilvadThanks for the report, we will review and see if we detect any problem with the application.

Patricio Corona
Patricio Corona (@patriciocorona)
1 año atrás

I get to not found

Eli (@eli)
Respondiendo a  Patricio Corona
1 año atrás

Patrick Crown

Hey, it works perfectly around here, I just install it, be sure to download and install Deepines, then run the following in a terminal:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install deezloader

As I say finish to install it without problems, even warning me of this new version:

DeepinScreenshot Seleccionar área 20191210071312



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