Acuerdos de responsabilidad de Tienda Deepines

The Deepines Store (Formerly known exclusively as "Deepines Repository") is a draft developed by the community group Deepin Latin Code (Deepin in Spanish). You must bear in mind that when downloading the installers (Files deb) you are automatically accepting our responsibility agreements (Download Terms), which are:

  • We are in no way liable for damages that may occur as a result of using our services. Neither Deepin in Spanish, neither Deepines store, or Deepines Repository, nor any member of the staff, Operators, Collaborators, Moderators, past, present or future Subsidiaries, are responsible for any error that you have / had or will have on his or her computers or computer laptop or laptops system / s or any other equipment where you use our services and is / are a result of their use, We do not provide or make warranties of ANY kind. We are not responsible for any damage / s that may occur when using apps or services provided by us. ALL our services and products are offered «How are they and how are they»NO guarantees from NINGORN type both displayed and implied. YOU are solely responsible. In other simple words: “If your system explodes in your face after using our services, you must recover and pick up the pieces yourself. Only you are responsible, We Do not we will be responsible.
  • Packages are stored on the website (another of the sites part of our network deepinenespañ ). Click to see the list of packages we review. We will update frequently.
  • In the possible event of hacking our servers (access and / or unauthorized malicious manipulation of our packages or services), We will not be liable in any way for damages caused as a result of such malicious acts..
  • The installer adds the authentication keys and access to the separate repository. Do not modify or uninstall the package to avoid download problems.
  • repository It should not be used in other distributions outside Deepin. In addition, except for prior documentation, you should not run programs in environments other than DDE.
  • The repository fulfills the function of distributing content with the intention of facilitating social welfare. Therefore, the community is not obliged to offer software for criminal, war or criminal activities.
  • Applications could be added or removed within the community criteria: utility, language, mass and license. Suggestions of cracked software or malware (specifically proprietary material) are not allowed.
  • All legal actions and requirements are based on the laws of the United States of America (United States of America), the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and other territories or trusts of USA. (Subject to change without notice).
  • The service is Subject to change without notice. In general, only frequent users of the community are accessible.

About the repository applications:

  • Before installing an application you must update the repository from the terminal (with sudo apt update) Synaptic or something similar.
  • If you use Deepin Store, you may encounter errors when updating applications from the list. For example, two versions of the same program.

About reports:

  • Report any failure our forum as soon as possible, in the "Applications" category. Please. It indicates what are the steps so that we can reproduce the problem and correct it.
  • The exception for the report rule is when a reproducible bug occurs outside Deepines. Which you should contact the support of the mentioned software to deliver a version with patches.
  • Please don't use the forum to suggest apps for the app store, check out our article.


These agreements are part of the legal and important information. If you are thinking of joining our community, check the Terms of Service. Don't forget to check frequently.